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9. remember important dates.
10. stay happy, even when the tears fall. :)

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Thursday, March 03, 2005
this is a very important announcement:
if you don't see me in school after monday, please know that i've been suspended. or, if you do see me in school for a loooong while (ie, staying back after school) please know that i'm in detention.

confused? haha, you know when i said i'd no balls to actually cut class with the rest of the idiots in my class? yeah. well, as it turns out, i do/did. and it was probably the stupidest thing i've ever done. haha. after pe, mag and the rest decided that they were going to leave and since i didn't want to stay either 'cause then i'd be one of 2 that would be staying behind, i left with them too. and oh gosh. lesson to be learnt, boys: do not walk outside brother paul's office? hahaha. that was mistake #1. mistake #2: do not cross overhead bridges! the discipline master, michael tan, saw us! oh good Lord. and he started shouting and pointing at us, and therefore we started to run. we ran and ran and miracle of miracles, there was a bus! amen!

so we took 154 all the way down to paya lebar mrt station where we had breakfast and fretted like crazy. haha, we were all simply freaking out. haha, but as every cloud has a silver lining, so does every conversation when harrold's around have a funny quote! :) we were talking about going to confession for some reason and how i didn't really believe in going 'cause i don't think i'm all that sincere about wanting to be absolved of my sins, and this is what he said:

Harrold: *rationally* Since Jesus died for our sins, we shouldn't let him die in vain.

HAHA! he had us all in stitches, honestly. he's just a little loony up there, but he's cool. :) anyhoos. took the mrt down to harbour front and then we caught the bus to sentosa. haha, we were planning on saying we were the CJC volleyball team if anyone asked. haha! anyhoos. got there, and the weather was just dismal. it's really sucky, when the only two times i've been to palawan beach the weather just screws up on us. haha. played a bit of volleyball, swam a bit. overall it wasn't so much where we went, but the company we had. :) haha, i love you guys, seriously! from now on, this is our clique k? haha! and yes. outsiders unallowed. ;)

anyways. packed up after a while and headed to eat a bit. but then the issue of whether to go back to school or not came up. i decided to tell my daddy that i'd skipped school, 'cause i was the only one in the group who hadn't let anyone know. and my dad reinforced the idea in my head, that i should go back and face the consequences of my actions. so i tried to convince the rest, but in the end, i went back alone. haha. :) it wasn't that bad i guess. i mean, he didn't exactly yell or scream or anything. but he did say that there would be follow-up action on monday, so i'm dreading that. haha, plus it looks like i'll face detention alone too, 'cause the rest are planning to withdraw from college. ohwells. at least i have three more days to have fun.

and, at least, my mum doesn't know. :)


Why you all in my ear?
Talkin' a whole bunch a sh*t that I ain't tryin to hear.

Get Back! You don't know me like that!
Get back! You don't know me like that!
I ain't playin' around...!
Make one false move, I'll take you down.
Get back! You don't know me like that!
Get back!
You don't know me like that!

ooh, boy. you better watch your step.

she smiled
at 6:45 PM

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