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7. have a journal/diary.
8. be a friend to everyone.
9. remember important dates.
10. stay happy, even when the tears fall. :)

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
don't need the sun to shine to make me smile.
don't care if it's dark outside,
'cause i've got YOU.
and though the rain may fall,
no, i won't care at all.
'cause baby, i know that i've got you.


oh, ewww.

i'm having (or actually, still having) an utter bad-hair day. my hair is frizzing up like crazy (for no apparent reason, it seems) and it looks like i've got a very angry cat on my head. -winces- eeeeyerrrr. anyways! got back about an hour or so ago from meeting karthi to take my thumbdrive from him. that sucker has withdrawn from college, which is sad 'cause he's a really good friend. ahh, oh well.

anyhoos. my day was great! i had loads of fun. haha, the best part of the day? a toss-up between having andre, boon wee and harrold back and not having lessons the entire day! :) had breakfast in the canteen as usual with ning, and Ms Lee came to join us. haha, she told us all sorts of stories about her time in VJC, and it was nice to hear them. :) hopefully, i'll have stories of my own to tell after my time in CJC. the first 2 months here has already been eventful enough, with all sorts of going-ons and 'scandals' in school. haha, and of course the cutting class and all. ooh. hope the year ahead is filled with more interesting stuffs. haha. :)

andre, boon wee and harrold came back to school! how funky! my day was made instantly better when i saw them this morning. :) it's so great to have them back, if only for a while. haha. oh, and i've got a cut on my knuckle now too, from where i punched harrold this afternoon. haha, LOVE HURTS MAN. DEAL WITH IT! hahaha, eeeeeyerrr. that sounds wrong! -makes face- oh, but it's sad that maggers and shawners didn't come back. and ryhan was absent too. if not, we'd have the whole of t5 back together! :) didja know, yesterday our ENTIRE class was absent. so all the teachers teaching 1t05 yesterday were given a break. no wonder mdm damo called everyone up. hahaha, funky!

andre, harrold, bw and i skipped geoggers tutorial 'cause i just didn't want to go for a subject that i'm not taking after this term is over, which is in 2 days. i just don't see the point of geography and all the weird stuff that it includes, like studying soils and rock formations and environmental problems. i mean, the environmental stuff i can understand, but soils? it's not like we're studying how to be earthworms. :) yes. so since i always skip lit lectures too, i was actually out of class from eight in the morning to twelve in the afternoon when it was time for GP.

gp was awesomest, as nat would say. we had a substitute teacher by the name of Jeremy. he and Ms Lee take the cake when it comes to cool substitute teachers. he actually had the balls to say 'fuck' in front of students. it doesn't sound like alot, i know, but teachers in singapore are so scared of swearing or saying anything explicit in front of their students. anyway, he very nonchantly proclaimed,

"Yeah, Stalin was a murderous fuck."

-beams- haha. well he's got my respect, anyway! and he's a really philosophical and stuff? which is cool, 'cause he talked a bit today about how real is all of these things around us. that's something which i've always thought about ever since i watched "The Matrix"! haha. i'm in a bit of a contemplative mood today too, i suppose. :) hmmm, so anyway. his lesson (which took place in the grandstand 'cause i suggested it, half-convinced that he'd say no) was over in 1/2 an hour. so we had more time to slack before mrs winter's period which was even more slacking time. :) i'm going to miss mrs winter so much if i don't end up taking history. she's so sweet!

no drama today for the J1s, so i went to watch the rockafella people perform. was waiting with jo in the auditorium for the people to come and set up the mikes and all, but it got cancelled in the end. :( still, i managed to watch xiaoan and his band do their stuff! gosh, they're good. and he sounds like mick jagger! haha! and jo and angie are great. i just know they're (along with wyna, johanna and another guy) going to be wonderful on friday night. :) speaking of which, i'm so proud of myself. i accomplished two things today in j8! i bought a top to wear to rockafella, AND it's colourful! :)

oh wait, not exactly colourful actually. just bright pink. ;)


it's just a little crush (crush)
not like i faint everytime we touch.
it's just a little fling (crush)
not like everything i do, depends on you.

she smiled
at 9:30 PM

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