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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Monday, 7th February.

today was marie's birthday! but i wasn't in school to wish her happy birthday, 'cause... i skipped school! haha. let me elaborate. :) i went to school early in the morning to pass stephi the nurses outfits to give to mandy, and then headed out to the busstop to meet dalun (who had lamented to me the day before about his entire lack of interest in attending school today). it was nearly a botched attempt though, because mr dalun was HALF an hour late, and only about HALF the school saw me sitting outside. way to go, really. ;) haha. anyhoos! he came eventually and we adjourned (ooh, big word) to tp for brekkie -- macs! we're such health freaks, eh?

after that, we played truth-or-truth at spinellis in town. actually we were supposed to play truth or dare but since i wouldn't do mine (a ballerina leap in the middle of the pavement) and he wouldn't do his (asking for the number of the MAN working in spinellis) we settled for truth-or-truth. haha, informative, to say the least. but at cine, we played dare-and-doubledare! :D it was hilarious!

a summary of our dares:
1. do 5 push-ups in the middle of the place.
2. run around the entire place.
3. sing a song. (i sang jian dan ai!)
4. have a minute-long conversation with a fire extinguisher.
5. do silly poses in front of an open window for 20 secs.
6. kiss all the female characters in 5 movie posters. (10)
7. kiss all the male characters. (7)
8. breakdance in front of a shop and say hello to the auntie.
9. do a catwalk down an aisle, and say "hai-yohhhh" girlishly every three steps!

hahaha, 1-5 is what i was dared, and the rest are what i dared him. it was such a laugh! i have to say, he's pretty game for everything. haha. :) hmmm, after that we caught elektra, and i thought it was a pretty cool show although lun was so so so restless. haha. but yeah, kudos to jennifer garner man. she must've had a hard time training for the role. oh, and this happened when we were buying tickets (i still find it funny!):

ticket-seller: where would you like to sit? *gestures* the couple seats are in the back row.
dalun: *jumps about 3 feet away from me* we're NOT a couple!
me: *deadpans* yeah. so that's why, he's going to sit here *points at the farthest left seat* and i'm going to sit here *points to the farthest right seat*.

haha, okay maybe it's not that funny here. but his reaction was so swift! haha, i still think it was funny. ;) hahaha. but we still ended up in the backseats anyways, 'cause the seats are super comfy. after that we headed to far east, and GUESS WHO WE MET!


when i tapped her back (because i saw this grey bag on this IJ girl who had a little ponytail, with the same wooden keychain) she turned around slowly, and in true IJ style...


i've taught her well, ok! hahaha. gosh, i was so happy to see her again. nat, you've no idea how much i missed you. it's like you said in one of your sms-es: there will never be a second you. i'm going to hold onto you girl. you know that's true! :D

anyhoos. we bummed around and waited for elsa and tim (who skipped the last few lessons for the day) and then we walked down to taka after grabbing a bite. we also went to heeren, where i taught lun a new game! haha, it's cool right, dalun?! :D haha. it just takes an exceptionally talented (or warped) imagination to make the game extremely funny. ;) haha. headed down to plaza sing after that to meet maggers and the rest of 1t05! :D everyone except pervinder, kalpana and zhongming went to mag's place for the 'bbq'.

it was a bbq without the bbq. haha, we were all so lazy after swimming that we simply could not be bothered and just ordered pizza! haha. swimming was fun, haven't swum in a loooong time. and the guys were just digusting! i swear, i have to have my eyeballs cleansed. -makes face- haha. but anyway! played pool too after dinner. cheng hong and i beat shawners! haha. :) yet another thing that i haven't done in a long time -- pool. gosh, i've got to start getting back these missing elements in my life! haha. anyways. went home after that and crashed out pretty fast. was just too tired. haha.


Tuesday, 8th February.

i had a blast today! gosh. alright, let me start from the beginning. went to school and had a brierf rehearsal for the last time for the drama skit. i ended up being narrator! and yeah, i had loads of fun! :) the concert was pretty fab! i thought the bhangra dancing was cool! haha, and of course our little skit rocked. jeremy is superb! and shereen too! i'm surprised that we could actually get the audience to laugh man. i thought we'd end up being uber embarrassed, but no we didn't! haha. :) that really made me so happy.

and then i got to see so many faces that i haven't seen for the longest time. like nat's, tasha's, chris, erika, alyssa, qb, candice, linn and allll. :) i love you guys! pictures are up too, so you guys can copy them off from there alright? :)

i'd say more, but my brother wants to use the computer. i shall be nice and try not to fight with him.

(operative word: TRY)

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