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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Sometimes Silence can be so loud...

today was alright, typical as days go. had religious class (well, a briefing only) in the morning which wasn't too bad. sat with elsa, and that girl really cracks me up! plus got to see and talk to wyna and johanna. it's so irritating, that even though we're in the same school, we hardly see each other at all, sometimes for days. -makes face- i miss secondary school times. :( ohwell. after that we had gp tutorial and we went down to the library to look at books and all. y'know, i might consider doing arts and social sciences next time instead of law. hmm, see how it goes i guess.

after that we had pe, and we played basketball. my pe teacher is quite annoying now, 'cause he's so hung up on "being organized". when we do ANYTHING we have to be like 3 inches from each other or else we're considered disorganized. -rolls eyes- but anyways. bball was fun, although andre and i both fell (i fell over him actually, haha) and jiaqi sprained his ankle. so yeah, now my knees are scraped. and it hurts! -winces- haha, but i'll deal. :)

chinese after our break was pretty uneventful, unless you count the part where kangers fell asleep with his mouth open. haha, that was really quite funny! haha. and we had to do CHINESE summaries? i can barely pass my ENGLISH summary, and now they want it in chinese. how sad is that? -sighs- but i think maggers had no problems. maggers kangers and shawners. haha it's funny right! i think it sounds so unique. lols. :) i really like my class, it's going to be so sad when everyone leaves... i just might start bawling. :/ anyhoos! after that, geoggers was stupid. and boring. (when is it not? qwen's previous msn nick: geography: save the rainforests, kill yourself.)

lit lecture and tutorial after that, (and by now i was starving) and i'm SO disatisfied with lit! i thought we'd be doing a book or something or AT LEAST some unseen text or anything, but NOOOOO. we're doing silly stuff like introductions to drama, prose and poetry. they even have to tell us what a plot is?! -sighs- looks like the remaining interesting subject is history. :s well at least i have a lit test coming on monday to look forward to. that should be a nice change from the usual. mdm damo is alright and everything, but she goes SO slowly and her voice is so grating. ickk.

would you believe me if i said that i bought 4 files (for hist, geog, lit, gp) because i loved the poem on the cover of the files? hah. well i did, and it wasn't a waste, because the poem is just so meaningful. i don't know why people don't like literature, much less poetry. poetry is such a passionate form of literature, and one that "is considered the highest form of languages", according to a certain Mr Fahy. ahh well. here's the poem.

What though the radiance which was once so bright
Be now forever taken from my sight,
Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower,
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind.

isn't it beautiful? for some reason, it just touches me today. i've been reading and reading it over and over again, and today it just kinda hit me. it's just a simple and fundamental way of saying that we should not dwell in the past, and so much more actually. (lit students, you're on your own for this one!)

... i wish i could find the words to express myself, but i doubt i can. i just feel so alone. i mean, my class is great and all, but y'know that feeling, when you're in a crowd full of friends and people, but you still feel so lonely? that's how i'm feeling. and meeting val and joachim today didn't help much, though i thought it would. they're so happy, and enjoying each other's company and all. i hate to say it, but i feel so cut off from them. what can we talk about now, huh? there's not even a common point of interest that would last more than five minutes of conversation. maybe i'm being melodramatic or something, or maybe i'm pmsing but at this point, one phrase pops into the mind:

"...and she felt the utter isolation of the human soul."

hah. how apt.

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