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Thursday, January 06, 2005
It's not who you are that holds you back. It's who you think you're not that does.

haven't updated for a while, so i shall try to summarize! :) anyways. on tuesday, we were spilt up from our IGs after quite an interesting day (i have now grown to really really really like bhangra dancing!) and into our classes. i was so sad! i mean, we were just getting closer to one another in our IG and now it was all over. :( and, what is more, none of my friends (IG or otherwise) were going to be in my class. you can imagine my dismay. :(

anyways. went to my new class feeling so out of place, and it was a good thing that school ended almost immediately after. -sighs- i was so disappointed. but yesterday, things changed a whole big great lot! :D we played so many games, and yeah, i guess through that we really learned how to communicate as a class and to one another as well. got to know some great new friends, like mag, joshua, wee kang and all. :) oh! and i met this guy (shawn) who remembers me (and vice versa) because he helped me to cut queue in his school when i was registering my brother for sec1. hahaha! the world is too small.

yupps! onto today. :)

i'm feeling super happy now, even though (for some reason) i'm a bit giddy and spinning around. hmmm, must be the sun today. anyways! let me tell you all about my day. -big grin- ;)

went to school with a terrible tummyache today, but thankfully it went away after awhile. anyway, went to the grandstand to wait for my classmates because we went dragon-boating today! it was really great fun, even the bus ride there! mag and i were playing truth-or-truth with wee kang and jiaqi, and it was informative, to say the least! haha. they're really nice to talk to. after that, we reached kallang and went down into the water! :) it was really quite tiring at first, 'cause you're exerting one arm more than the other, but after a while it's not so bad. we were having wars with the other classes, splashing them when they got into reach of us! :) haha.

and those BOYS in my class! they're absolutely dreadful! that shawn lee (can you believe it, yet another shawn lee! and IN MY CLASS!) dumped a bucketful of water over my head, and that started the 'drench-vanessa-even-though-she's-already-soaked' campaign! they all ganged up on ME!! and not only once, okay, twice! haha, but i had my revenge too. grabbed both shawn and wee kang (main culprits) and got them into the water too. haha. :)

anyhoos. after that, we dried up and began our 'amazing race'! it wasn't too shabby, we managed to stay together and work together through alotta weird actvities, so i'm really proud of my class. in 2 days, we've gone from being strangers to being pretty bonded! (we even led our house -- inferno -- in cheers, complete with hip-shaking and thrusting! wahaha!) :) t105 has come a loooong way. anyway! after that, we came back to school (this time, mag and i interrogated shawn and harold.) and then got dismissed. got a lift from daddy home, and it was nice 'cause we really talked about stuff and it was simply great, for lack of a better word.

well, i'm currently writing a letter to brother paul, about our class and some unhappiness some of us have about our subject combinations. i have to admit, while i know that this letter would make them all happy (hopefully), i'm a bit reluctant to write it, 'cause then that would mean that they might just leave the class, and i don't want them to go, even if that sounds selfish. haha, i guess i just like my class the way it is. pretty selfish, eh? haha. oh well. tomorrow is finale night! the best night (apparently) and yeah, i'm pretty excited, even though i'm sunburnt and aching. :)

Doubt sees the obstacles
Faith sees the way.
Doubt sees the darkest night
Faith sees the day.
Doubt dreads to take a step
Faith soars on high.
Doubt questions 'who believes?'
Faith answers, 'I.'

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