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Sunday, January 30, 2005
Every fish that escapes seems bigger than it really is.

yesterday was a great day, and i really enjoyed myself! mmm, let's see. the day started with going out with daddy and my brother of course. but then after that, dad gave me some money and told me to buzz off. haha, i guess he wanted to talk to my brother. yupp, so called joachim first and he said he couldn't, then called elsa and she said she could! i'm sorry that i woke you up. :) and i'm sorry to YOU too, i would have called you instead, but initially i was only supposed to be by myself until one plus, two. so it would've been a waste calling you out and then leaving you to bum around after that with nothing to do. hope you understand.

so went to town with elsa, and we talked a lot. about life, love, and all of the in between. i really had a good time, and i think we are pretty similar in our thinking sometime. haha, but our dress sense is SO different! ahaha. walked around, took neoprints (haha!), had ice-cream and met cheryl and jieying! (ooh, i missed them both so much) and it turned out that they were going to see yilin, who sms-ed me that she was back from thailand for the weekend and whether we wanted to meet up. i thought i couldn't, but i'm so glad i did! :) really miss seeing that bimbotic alien. haha! -big hugs- love you girl. after that i had to go home, so i left elsa (again, sorry about that) and asked mum if i could join elsa's friends for dinner. amazingly, she said yes! haha.

and last night was great fun too, though it was a risk. i went for dinner with elsa, tim, dalun, grace and karthi. they're this one tight clique! haha, and you can really see that they enjoy each other's company immensely. anyhoos! i was the freaking first one there (PUNCTUALLY AT SIX) while dalun came ten minutes later, and then grace and karthi, and THEN tim and els an HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES after i got there. i could seriously feel my stomach begin to digest itself. haha! well anyways. after that we went to chomchom to eat! the stingray wasn't too bad, and although i can't eat chilli stuff, lun was nice enough to help me take the inner meat of the stingray which didn't have chilli! see, i don't know why there's two sides of him. i prefer this side to his act-cute side! hahaha! :)

after that we headed back to ice3 (it's an ice-cream parlour, and that's where we met up) and chilled for a while. played truth or dare (actually, it was more of a dare-and-double-dare game!) and somehow the only dare i remember was tim's one -- he had to do five push-ups in the middle of the cafe! haha. we also played spin the bottle (or rather, my handphone) and although it was a much much much milder version (not a single lips2lips! haha!) it was still loadsa fun. :) then then then. we went to buy vodka, and somehow or rather, decided to go to tavistock park. lun and i went to buy and miraculously didn't get carded! haha, score 2 (i bought for the girls on grad night too) for me. ;)

owing to our brilliant sense of direction, we only took about half-an-hour to get there because we took a wrong turn. :) by the time we reached tavistock park, we'd all finished our drinks. haha! then we all just sat around (and by that i mean sitting around on a web of ropes) and chilled. :) mmm, after that lun, tim, els and me took a cab back and they dropped me off first. my mother was suspecting that i drank eh! 'cause my entire face was flushed. haha, shit man. why do i drink so infrequently! haha. but yeah, mucho thanks to everyone yesterday. i had a great time, and i hope i wasn't intruding? haha. you guys are great.

-yawns and stretches- couldn't sleep in this morning, strangely, even though i slept at three after yakking to tim for a while. it's weird. i couldn't sleep last night, and i couldn't sleep in again this morning? tomorrow i'm gonna be a zombie lah. and for some reason, i'm still feeling a bit woozy and queasy. hmmm. guess drinking's really not my thing. haha. mmm, don't know if they're meeting up to study today or if i am/can join them. guess i'll see how things go.

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(http://www.tigerbeer.us/horoscope/. taken from ollie's blog.)

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