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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Dream in C O L O U R.

haha, yesterday's entry makes me sound like a depressed loon. ahaha. well anyway! that should be pmsing-ness, period's due soon i think? but yes, i shall not discuss female anatomy with you lot. :) in other news, rach's leaving today... how saddening. everyone is running off everywhere, yilin, rach. -makes face- i would say more but that blasted brother of mine wants the com. will edit this later.

7.25pm, 20th Jan 2005

i've just had dinner and it's the first time i've had coke for about a week? it's horrid, the school canteen is not allowed to sell coke! -gasps- what sort of torture is that, man? anyhoos! i'll summarize yesterday: drama wasn't too bad, although it was a bit disappointing that we only played about 4-5 games? haha. but we got to know some seniors better which was nice i guess. after that, hubby* sent me home. :) that was great. :)

so, enough about yesterday. :) today school was quite alright! had a brownie for breakfast (i tend to have the earlier periods off because there's aomath and econs for the rest of them) and got told off by that weird william hung guy. i think his name's mr tan. haha. then we had history with darling mrs winter again. y'know, it's teachers like her who make me think that maybe a career in teaching might not be such a bad thing either. haha. she's really great! i like her a LOT. :) haha. anyhoos! after that we had pe. i think my knee is getting worse and worse. the burpees, sit-ups, push-ups and running and all really made it worse. -sighs- never again! haha. ;)

geoggers lecture after break. god it's boring. the teacher is boring. the subject is boring. the subject's present topic is boring. GOODNESS. what on earth am i going to do? i haven't read about 3/4 of the bloody geofiles or done much notes. die lah, looks like my weekend is burnt 'cause i've got a geog test (not to mention, lit and history as well) coming up. -makes face- onto GP! got back my essay -- 26/50. how discouraging! haha. but i'll try to do better i suppose. :) chinese was taxing! there's only about a million new words. :( how am i going to do well for chinese at this rate? ahhh. shan't think about that now, it'll only hurt my brain.

oooh. i love love love LOVE 1t05! haha, suddenly i'm feeling a very very big love for my class. :)

maggers. no doubt the one i'm closest to in class. she reminds me of someone in IJ but i can't remember who. haha. in any case, she's really so nice once she warms up. haha, she's like an ice queen when you first meet her! haha. but i'm glad we're friends. :) -bighugs- gonna hate seeing her leave.
kangers. mr maris stella! aye, you. stop quarelling with your darling so much ok? give in to her! women must be treated veryvery well. :) anyhoos. this guy's a great friend. very kaypoh, but hey, we all have our flaws. haha. great knowing him. :)
shawners. one of the very few boys who's actually ticklish. haha, and shit it's fun. :) this is one guy who's great to kid around with because, as mdm damo puts it, he behaves like her 13-year-old son. haha! :) on the whole a great guy. :)
boon wee. the only person who gets to school earlier than me!
harrold. the smart guy! sitting in front of him is like sitting in front of an encyclopedia! he knows a lot of stuff man. looks like he's gonna be (along with almost everyone else!) my competition for topping the class. haha! but anyway, he's great. :)
jiaqi. the beng-lookalike! haha. this poor dude sprained his foot a few days back. hope he's alright now. sat next to him for the first few days of school and he's quite funny when you talk to him. haha. :)
xuelin, pervinder, kalpana: these 3 are from ijtp! haha, but i didn't know them. anyhoos, i still don't really know them, so maybe we'll get to talk one of these days. :) hope to see them mingling more with the rest too. ;)
zhong ming. the scholar! a really quiet boy, and one whom dear shawners keeps exploiting! he makes him sit next to him in lectures so he can copy notes off him! horrid, i tell you. so anyway, he's really a genius. haha. and very very gentlemanly. guys, learn from him!
yining, qwen, jasmine. yining's the one with me in lit class! haha. she gives me the impression that she really is someone who can appreciate beauty in literature, so it's a surprise to know that she doesn't like it. haha, really sweet and articulate too! :) qwen was my first friend in class. we sat next to each other for a couple of days, and she's so nice! she's really quiet and all, so hopefully she'll open up and we'll all be able to see another side of her. :) i don't really know jasmine yet, so hopefully (again) i'll get to work with her and get to know her better.
joshua, andre. these two sit next to each other. haha. andre adores putting a towel over his head, (to keep back the fringe), while joshua's mrs winter's new pet. haha. but yeah, great guys. :)
cheng hong, ryhan.i don't really know these two that well yet. so i'll have to think about this one for a bit. but i can say that they're both really nice, and easy to have a conversation with. :)
(ching haw withdrew yesterday, jonathan and zhan jie (?) transferred out)

am i lame or what? yeesh. ;) haha. and not forgetting. my bitches! i miss you lot. and allllllll the people in church/ij/asher/everyfreakingwhere. imissyouandloveyou. will definitely catch up with you guys soon. joachim, set a date. natters, you're first on my list, princess. ;) meantimes, i've gotta go start mugging for the tests. anyone reading this, take care and do study hard! -bigsmile-

i'm bitten by the lovebug.
ilovemyhubby. :)

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