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7. have a journal/diary.
8. be a friend to everyone.
9. remember important dates.
10. stay happy, even when the tears fall. :)

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Thursday, December 09, 2004
love is a touch, a gentle embrace.
a smile, a laugh, a simple grace.
love is soft skin upon your own.
love is never being alone.
love is patient, love is pure.
love is one thing i know for sure.
love keeps us close, my friends and i.
love never ends though we may die.

love is a tear, shed without hate.
love is a heartbeat, felt too late.
love is a feather from an angel's wing.
love is the means by which we sing.
love is wind, love is rain.
it is truth, faith, hope and pain.
love is blind, love has no bound.
love is silence, love is sound.

love is you, love is me.
love is one small word -- we.
love is my blind faith in you,
love is a word best felt by two.

isn't that a sweet poem? -tears- i love! haha. yupp, it's by kimmie davidson. anyhoos! am currenty sitting at home, waiting for a few people to get their butts down to my place.

my brother: because he has my lunch, and i'm starving,
my brother-in-law: because i'm a big kaypoh. :)
bert/josh/johanna/val: because if they're not here, my bro-in-law will be too scared to come. wahahaha! :)

mustard seed camp was a great experience. got to know the other members of MS, like shawn teo (i NEVER knew he was in my cat class for THREE years until camp!), maurice (my bro's senior in school and band), ian, matthew and lee (who are cousins), stefanie (we used to take the schoolbus together) and cheryl (that i knew through mellie who has disappeared. haha.). definitely had a great time getting to know them, and also exploring different ways of writing and even taking photos. :) apologetics session by les was my first ever apologetics session, and i guess i should say a big BIG sorry to joa. hahaha. but i'm not as bad as that right! :)

anyhoos! christmas is cominggggg! actually, i'm having quite mixed feelings about it. christmas at my house is nothing really fantastic. we put up the tree probably a week before, and take it down within the week after. we wrap books and boxes and bricks to put under the tree so that it looks like there's a lot of presents (encouraging false hope, if you ask me). yeah, and we don't go out to see any relatives. it's just me, my brother, and my mother. talk about depressing.

but then, there's this hope. that maybe this year i can go see my relatives and cousins on my dad's side. forget the presents, it'd just be great seeing them after so long. that's always been a sore point for me, her taking away our freedom to see our cousins and so forth. after 5 years it just seems like we're no more cousins, more like strangers. even if she was angry with my dad, it has really nothing much to do with us right? why should we bear the brunt of her anger? oh well... anyway. oh! there's another hope too. that i might be able to go out and celebrate christmas with the church people. but still, that's just a hope.

i woke up, got my lazy ass outta bed.
watered all the rocks growing in my head.
i had a thought, and fell asleep on you.
there i was, somewhere west of tomorrow land.
flying through the stars, just like peter pan.
i said 'damn, this looks too good to be true.

there she goes, my heart again,
would you mind rolling over?
i can feel it in the air,
something's coming down.
i don't know and i don't care
that it's a small world.

it's a nice day, when you wake up in disneyland.

she smiled
at 1:51 PM

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