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Thursday, December 02, 2004
i finally feel like blogging. :)

lately i've found myself in no mood to blog even though the blasted exams are over, which is quite disturbing for someone who likes to pen down every single thought. haha. well, let's see. today i'm sick with the flu, which means i'm now bitch supreme. oh, and i went to an interview at ntuc earlier this morning (i've been going down there -- a ten minute walk from my house -- every day for the past 3 days.) for this cashier job that my mother wants me to take up. honestly, i can't really see myself as a cashier! i think i'll end up just losing money. hahaha. ;) but the pay is quite good i think. for 5 hours work, i get about $25.45, which is to say that in a 5-day week (or 6-day by the sounds of it), i'll get $152.70. -beams- so i'll pay for most of my books next year, and also pay for my xmas shopping! :)

hmmm, let's see. many events have happened that i have yet to talk about. mmmm.

grad night was really an event to remember. leading up to that one awesome thursday night, i was plucked (my eyebrows were massacred by this lady in hollywood secrets), dyed (my hair is now an exotic red!), exfoliated (i'd rather not go into it), tanned (with carol, at toa payoh complex and bishan complex. i was baked.), blistered (by my heels, by traipsing around orchard road a few hours prior to the event) and contact-ed (contacts! that i got in tp, accompanied by joa and bert.) well, the few hours leading up to grad night were great. i returned to the hotel room that i was sharing with the rest at about four-ish, to find an entire assortment of make-up, clothes and shoes all over the room! wyna -- by the look on her face -- was being tortured alive by elsa and dawn, candice was trying to cover her eyebags, stephi was sitting in an armchair, nonchantly reading my eightdays magazine, clearly unaffcted by the going-ons. and in the midst of putting on my own mascara, i received flowers and chocolates! -BEAMS- i'm still very happy about that. hahaha! that made grad night wonderful, even if i could barely walk in my heels.

anyways. not only did everyone turn out spectacularly dressed (save a few who looked decidedly different), the entire night's atmosphere was really fun. sure, there were plenty of imperfection, like a DJ who kept interrupting our favourite songs with his irritatingly perky announcements, and a ten-course dinner that really wasn't that ten-course in quality. but i think everyone still enjoyed themselves tremendously! :) pictures will be uploaded soon, once my dad passes me the developed photos. after that, val, mat, inka, bon, tricias, jolene and me went to town! haha. walked and walked, and mad bonnie wanted to walk to newton. in the end, val and i decided to go back (after i remembered i was supposed to buy liquor for the rest) and went back to the hotel room where we bitched and talked and talked somemore. andddd. certain persons, who shall remain unnamed, made our night even more memorable by sprawling drunk into our rooms. hahaha, certainly an experience i'll not be forgetting any time soon.

in any case, a lot has happened. i've read a factual and probably accurate account of exactly what went wrong in my parents' marriage, and it was no less shocking than it was enlightening. i'm really at a loss of what to say about it, so i shan't say anything except that i realised this: my parents are human too, and they were young once. i mean, alright it might seem a little dense of me to only come to a conclusion about this NOW, but i guess i knew it all along and just didn't understand it. haha. alright, i guess i don't make much sense. oh well. :)

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