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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
i thought i knew what love was,
what did i know?

those days are gone forever.
i should just let them go.

i'm supposed to be doing my trillions of social studies work, but i'm tempted by blogger. haha. mum and brother have gone to bed, and for some strange reason i feel so lonely out here by myself. haha. i swear, i'm pmsing. was quite snappish before recess today, got irritated at the slightest things. haha, well that could be because i hadn't eaten anything too, but yeah, i think the crimson wave is coming! haha. right, i shall not discuss female anatomy with you lot. (:

hmmm, chem today with mrs selvam was great! really enjoy being taught by her, she's funny and quite eccentric. and she explains things in depth too. but, she goes extremely slowly. in three periods today, we didn't even finish one mcq paper! -makes face- still, enjoyed myself so yes. that's what counts! haha. oooh. val (vera?) fam is getting on everyone's nerves -- and especially mine! she stands next to me and HOLLLERS and BELLOWS to the entire class. scream a little louder ms fam, i don't think the people in pulao ubin heard you! xP and she tells us the most insane things, like speed-reading your passages for english comprehensions. if you don't read it carefully, you won't know how to answer for crying out loud! urrghs. she just irks me. -frowns-

ooh, read yilin's blog. hahaha she's so cute.
il miss the freedom we have in ij.
how we can jst shout across the room "WHO HAS PAD!"
thats sth u can nv do in a mix sch.
and how we can come to sch with our hair all messed up, looking like a deranged chicken and no one really cares.

hahaha. i'm going to miss her so much. why do you have to go to thailand?! -sniffs- and y'know, she hardly talks to me very more. which is very sad, because i don't get to listen to good gossip anymore. -pouts- hahaha. (: love you loads girl.

and alyssa's msn nick caught my eye just now:
Algebra was easy for the Romans because 'X' was always ten.

(: -sighs- where are these two classmates of mine going to go? what's going to become of their lives after ij? what's going to happen to mine? i don't know about anyone else, but i'm thinking about it often. so yeah, it's back to the i-don't-wanna-leave-school thingy again! i'm just so full of joy right? hahaha. still, as much as i love chij and don't ever want to leave, i won't go to cjc because of that. i know that cj will be a lot like ij, and that i'll enjoy myself tremendously there, but i don't want to be in an environment similar to ij's for the next two years. not that i don't like i's atmosphere, but rather i wanna expose myself to the environments of other schools that's enormously different. so that i can learn to adapt to new places and new people, and so that when i enter university i won't get such a huge culture shock. the world out there isn't always as beautiful as we make it out to be, and catholic schools have a way of masking that. haha, i don't know why. THIS is my reason for going to acjc. talked with my mother and tutor (ex acjc student) and decided that once my results slip comes in, i'm going to see the principal and appeal to get in. might be hard, but maybe i'd get in if i promise to do drama? haha, my tutor said i had flair!! wooahh. that's the biggest compliment (and only one) he's ever paid me. hahaha.

what a huge chunk of words. haha, is anyone out there going to bother to read the entire thing? hahaha. everyone's planning for their futures now, deciding what jc or poly, what courses, what transport and where to end up. it's all so ambiguous, really. right now, you can FEEL the o-levels coming, you can FEEL that the inevitable goodbye is near, and yet school is still merry and filled with happiness. it doesn't feel like my last days in a wonderful secondary school. haha, y'know what? i think i'm just a bit insane. ((:

so, where will YOU be in ten years?

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