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7. have a journal/diary.
8. be a friend to everyone.
9. remember important dates.
10. stay happy, even when the tears fall. :)

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Thursday, August 12, 2004
played bball this morning during PE! finally a pe lesson that doesn't make me want to murder somebody (in most cases, ms teo herself)! played with val, wyna, qb, sam, rox, lyss, linn and cheryl and it was DAMN funny! hahaha a bunch of screaming banshees! haha well, just sam, rox, linn and cheryl! okay, and a bit of me too. =) glad to report that my shooting's getting slightly better. it's weird, but i can't adapt very well. once i play netball, my shots will become totally netbally and i'll forget how to shoot completely if i play bball instead. haha and vice versa! ohwells. i'm a psycho-motor moron i suppose? hahaha.

after that was amath. messaged, fiddled around, slept a bit. all in all = didn't listen. xP then recess! THEN... the mother tongue 'O'Level results were released!!


vanessa is superbly, utterly, wonderfully, absolutely, totally, completely happy, delighted, overjoyed, elated, ecstactic! i CANNOT believe that i could get a B3 for chinese! yipeeeeeeeee! i know it's not that big a deal. haha not as if i got an A1 or A2 but a B3 is heaven to me since my highest ever was a B4 and i had to push and push myself for that one. plus a distinction for chinese orals?! armageddon is coming, i swear! i'm the girl who can't speak chinese for nuts and whom everyone has been making fun of (myself included of course!) when it comes to speaking chinese! i've no idea how come i could get one, but it's wonderful. and i'm proud of myself. hahaha whatever la. x)

anyway. physics practical(s) were unbearable! TWO practicals consecutively?! the first one was a test and that was tiring in itself. took about 20 readings in 10 minutes for this temperature thingy, and the other one was about the same, had to deal with electricity and all. -cricks neck- am so beat. x( hmmmm. OH! and after that, left val first because i'd arranged to have lunch with him so went to interchange and after that (since i was SUPPOSED to study with carol and co) went to look for carol. and GUESS WHAT? we went to 3 macs and STILL couldn't find them! someone's going to get it from me tomorrow. hmmph! well in any case. got sent home and all, so it's not so bad lah. x)

oooh! and i heard some good news this morning too! -smiles widely- am sure someone knows what i'm talking about yeah? x) well, don't forget your promises and besta luck! will be here for you every step of the way. -huggs-

chris! am totally proud of you babe. you deserve it! -huggs!- (THIS woman screamed the whole second level of st raph's block down when she heard that there were 100% passes! hahaha. could hear her and i was on the ground floor? hahaha!)
erika! you did it baby!! -huggs!- rock on!!
mat! oi! don't be a baby okay. get good grades still want to cry! -huggs- ilovemydaughter!
CHIJ TP SECONDARY! we got 100% passes! that's an incredible feat. well, to those who didn't get the marks they wanted, i suppose try not to be too upset? use this as motivation to get it right the next time around! and we'll all be right there with you, supporting you guys every step of the way. what're friends for, no? x) -huggs all ard-

Seven hours since you went away,
Eleven coffees, Rickki Lake on play.
But late at night when I'm feeling blue,
I'd sell my ass before I think of you!

Seven hours since you closed the door.
Started a diet, got a manicure.
Erased your number from my telephone,
And if you call me I won't be at home.

He said...
Why'd you cry
For the guy?
Say goodbye!
Run away!
Why'd you cry
For the guy?
Say goodbye.
I said ok, 'cos...

Ooh, boy d'you miss me like a hole in the head?
Because I do boy, and it's cool boy.
And ooh, bet you never thought I'd get out of bed.
Because of you boy, such a fool boy.

Eleven hours on a brand new day.
I'm getting ready to go out and play.
It's late at night, I'm caught in a groove,
I'd kiss my ass before I'm feeling blue.

Seven hours, what you calling for?
A bunch of flowers and I slam the door.
You're in my face, sorry what's your name?
Takes more than begging to reverse my brain!

she smiled
at 6:44 PM

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