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1. participate more actively in CYF/Mustard Seed.
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3. be a better older sister.
4. be a better daughter for once.
5. get good grades and maintain them.
6. listen, not talk. (this applies to class too!)
7. have a journal/diary.
8. be a friend to everyone.
9. remember important dates.
10. stay happy, even when the tears fall. :)

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Saturday, July 31, 2004
30th July:

once divided, nothing left to subtract.

some words when spoken can't be taken back.

walks on his own with thoughts he can't help thinking.

future's above, but in the past he's slow and sinking.

nice right? found this poem last night as i was sorting through carol's present. can see why i typed it out! haha. it's nice. and quite meaningful, especially the words in bold. sometimes you say stuff that you think is the right thing to do at that exact moment in time, but later you realise that it was the silliest thing on earth that you could have done. haha that's happened to me before, and it sucks. so many what ifs, what-could-have-beens and all. it's sad, but what can we do right? no choice but to live with it? well, when someone says that there's no choice, they're just comforting themselves about the decision they've already made. so to do something or not? YOU be the judge. :)

i'm so full of shit. just typed an entire paragraph of musings. haha. anyway. today was quite alright, rather slack. chinese period was spent watching 'homerun' in the teachers' resource room and it was a nice show! haha so far anyway. veryvery sweet! lols. i'm glad tan poh yoke lets us watch the shows that the 4/8 and 4/6 teachers come up with. the teacher (this curly-haired pear-shaped woman) in 4/9 makes them do WORK! that evil four-letter word. hahaha.

anyway. nalli didn't come today, so i sat with christine. bitched a bit, talked a bit. am glad i got to catch up with her! today was a day for catching up, talked to shireeeenbaby as well during mass practice (sorry carol, sorry jo!). hmmmm. so half the class left after recess which included natters, wyna, erika and all. so empty! and chris and i were saying that our class makes us all feel so inadequate! y'know, like so many people receive prizes on honours day while the rest of us losers have to stay in class and rot. hahaha. jk. mmmm oh PC! PC was fun, 'cause we got this lady who's gonna teach us physiotherapy. hahaha sounds quite interesting la. =) i'm so easily influenced. now that someone's teaching us something that sounds just a bit interesting, i wanna study that too. i'm spineless. tsktsk.

hmmmm. then english, i had to do a picture description! ms chow's evil. hahaha. but in a way, i'm glad she made me do it 'cause the last time, for my prelims i got 6/12 which was bad 'cause i couldn't speak at all. yuppers. hmmm then emaths... WE BEGGED OFF THE EMATHS TEST! ms yue's very pitiful, we're always doing that to her. haha. but she's still so nice. am DELIGHTED that we got her as a form. x) after school, went to church to study with carol. and we got freaked out hahaha. wyna and ashley (right?) came after that and more and more people. was quite productive, especially since i was listening to my music and not listening to them talk and talking with them. haha yay! must do that more often. :)

OH! i forgot to mention. yesterday we did our NE quiz and guess what! i'm not as hopeless about national education than i thought i was. hahaha. that's a relief! i got $413000 and am an expert builder, but it's the year 2100 and there's no changi airport! HAHAHAHAHA. funnaye. oh. and i was PISSED because there was this person (whom i shall not mention because i happen to be a nice girl) who was constantly acting stupid to get attention? she scored fucking high for the stupid test but kept asking the world's most asinine questions? damn irritating la. if you know it, you know it la. what's so shameful about NOT knowing! and why seek the attention so badly? it just makes you look worse.

going out with daddy tomorrow. no amath test, not going for mass practice, bro's got no band -- what's the only thing that could screw it up? physics tuition at 12.30. right SMACK in the middle. how wonderful. poo.

don't follow in my footsteps: i walk into walls.

31st July (9.22am)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHANNA!! may all your dreams and wishes come true, and take care always! mwahhs!

it's 9.06. what am i doing awake? -sighs- waiting for daddy to come get us and then we shall probably have breakfast and walk around for a bit then send me to tuition. missing mass practice (carol was practically telling me not to turn up? HMMMM!) and basketball at tp cc. poo. sucky.

oh! let me tell you about my DREAM! i dreamt that ms chow caught me and shireen for going to the canteen and buying food when she was outta class (haha how typical. even in my dreams i can think of food.) and that we were all allowed to fly to Sweden! or switzerland? haha i'm not enirely sure. haha. and my mum let me go! not bad right. hahaha. but we were rushing, and it was like 8.30 and the flight was at 10.30 but we hadn't even packed! so cute right. hahaha. so we were rushing and rushing. but i woke up before we reached the airport! hahaha. and i distinctly remember carol telling me she didn't want to go! this is my analysis:

1. dreamt of shireen because i talked to her yesterday.

2. dreamt of flying off because erika and gen's friends are going to Scotland. notice the SSS?

3. carol telling me she didn't want to go because she's said before that she wouldn't travel outta singapore if she had a choice.

hahahaha i'm terribly bored. can you tell? mmmm. i've always had weird/freaky dreams la. haha but at least they're not scary or cliched. hahaha.

tonight, i'll be your naughty girl.

i'm calling all my girls.

we're gonna turn this part out.

i know you want my body.

tonight i'll be your naughty girl.

i'm calling all my grls.

i see you look me up and down.

and i came to party.

she smiled
at 9:34 AM

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