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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
25th july 04:

woke up at 8 and woke dage up too 'cause i'd decided i was ponning tuition again. hahaha. i never seem to have the time to finish my maths homework! dear dear. ok, better improve on that. so yupp, went down to macs to do my maths work and all. i think my maths really sucks. i couldn't seem to get the damn answers. kept getting stuck! :( anyway. dage came down for breakfast though he had to leave early for his project thingy. so did more work, then left for tuition to go pick up my worksheets and hand in homework and all. hahaha.

so now. vanessa is bored outta her mind. blogger is fucked. and the stupid links keep popping up everywhere! shawn! gil! seb! SOMEONE PLEEEEASE HELP! -sighs- stupid com. yuppers. there's no one to talk to online except tricia who's insisting that i get her whatever she wants . and someone's in sentosa! i'm envious. -pouts- hahaha. ok enough from me. shall go read or sleep or something. -blows kisses- laters!

26th July 04:

todayyy. hmmm. both the good and bad happened today. am finding myself increasingly irritated by tay yit ming, bored by physics and literature (two subjects that i want to study, even in U) and completely uninterested in anything school has to offer other than friends and free periods and somewhat edible canteen food. hahaha. i must be pmsing la. what's wrong with me!

sat with natters and abish today which was quite fun! hahaha. it's always fun talking to those two. :) haha. then we studied relative velocity for amath today, and erika simply couldn't get it! hahaha. she was like "Chris, you see, the walkway is moving! WHY?!" hahahahaha. was damn funny! haha. mmmm. oh!! and THANKS CHRIS for the earrings! they're so cute! :)

i'm sure you've heard these words before.and i know it's hard for you to trust them once more.you're afraid it all might end.and a broken heart is scared of breaking again.but you gotta believe me, i'm never leaving.you'll never cry unless i am there.and i will always be there - you will never be without love.when winter comes in summer,when there's no more forever,when lies become the truth.oh you'll know then baby.that's when i'll stop loving,that's when i'll stop loving you...

27th July 04:

i tried to kill my pain, but only brought more.i lay dying, and i'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal.i'm dying! praying! bleeding! and screaming!am i too lost to be saved? am i too lost...?my God, my tourniquet!return to me salvation.

today i sat with natters and abish again, and we played our silly game again! hahaha. it's quite fun to see how nat and my opinions on various issues (mostly sex because we are horny schoolgirls. hahahahaha.) vary so greatly from abish's! she's such a staunch Mormon. haha which is great really. nice to see that she has such strong faith in her religion and is committed to living a particular way of life because of it. it's quite amazing actually!

As a Mormon, she cannot:1. wear spaghetti-strap tops or anything revealing. t-shirts advised.2. drink coffee, or anything with caffeine (which includes soft drinks)3. attend mass everyday at 5 in the morning.

and that's only some of the things that i can remember right now! scary man. hahaha. am glad that even though i'm a Catholic and all, we're allowed to be not-so-strict, which has it's disadvantages of course but oh well. anyway! got back my geog test today. and i'm reallyreallyreally proud of myself because i got 66%! hahaha. it's an improvement since the last time i got a D7 i think? hahaha. yayers. am closer to my A. -beams!- hahaha. nerd.

hmmmm. oh! and had social studies test today too. poo. hahaha am so going to fail that, though. didn't even remember that we had a test til this morning! what the shit man. haha. mmmm. ohh and we had a talk today from ngee ann poly and it was dead boring! all about business and accounting and financial blah blah blahs. zzzz! hahaha. and lulu who was sitting behind me kept going "look, she's so poor thing! no one's listening to her! quick put up your hands!" hahaha. madness.

after school, wyna, val, qibing, carol, stephi and me went to eat and then onto popular to buy stuffs. saw some really nice books that i wanted to buy. :( hahaha. ohwell. next time when i've more $$ i suppose. poo! haha. mmmmm. i just got back from tuition awhile ago. still gotta study for the chemistry test tomorrow. double poo.

hmmmm i'm craving chocolates. yumyum. :)

do you remember me? lost for so long?will you be on the other side?will you forget me?

28th July 04:

long lost words whisper slowly to me.still can't find what keeps me here.when all this time i've been so hollow inside.i know you're still there.

had an english and chem test today. both were kinda alright, but tricky too. ohwell. just hope i pass my chem! if i pass, it'll be the first pass in two years. woweee. hahahaha. hmmm anyway. geog after-school lesson was alright 'cause ms wan decided to pull out the stick from her butt and let us off early after doing on map question. haha. wanted to meet YOU but since dad's coming over today i couldn't. so yeahh, sorry about that. next time yeahs? -hugs- haha.

mmmm. so walked home with val and talked about all sorts of stuffs as we ate our ice-creams! raspberry ripples and chocolate. haha guess who bought what! i'm addicted to chocolate, i swear. -licks lips- hahaha. x) thennn. on the bus ride home (sat with joshua. we're always meeting on 88 haha.) and there i was just stoning away and this shithead sitting behind me says 'how do you read this?' in chinese and shows me his phone on which he's written 'can we be fren?'

-rolls eyes-

yeesh! for fellas out there who want to do the same thing, please don't. it screams desperate. and disgusting. and gross. and, since he couldn't take a hint and asked twice, thick-skinned. urrrghs.

this is so pissy. i still can't figure out what the fuck's wrong with this stupidstupidstupid computer. arrrghh. can't blog! can't check my mail. can't fucking do anything! i don't know why, i just suddenly feel pissed with everyone and everything. my ass of a brother is playing some stupid fucking loud music while i'm trying to listen to my evanescence cd on the com. some stupid shit singing speedy gonzales?! ARRGHH! and yes. suddenly i feel irritated. and mad. and pissed. boys! WHY do they have to be such fuckheads?

pmsy. ignore me.

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