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Sunday, July 25, 2004
24th July 2004

today is a very special day because something magical happened just over 16 years ago. a mother was screaming in pain as she delivered a new life into the world -- and the baby, after all the howling and wailing was through, was named VANESSA ANN VANDERSTRAATEN

hahahaha so bloody egotistical! hahahaha. anyway! am having a delightful birthday thus far! i have a whole list of people to thank. such darlings! hahaha.
THANKS to...
*YOU for ALL the gifts. -mwahhs-
*sheryl for yet another stuffed toy! but ooh, this one vibrates! hahaha! x)
*dage for the gorgeous earrings!
*dad+stepmum for the cross pendant!
*mum for the PHONE!
*justin for the new FUNKY watch!
*nat and chris for the strawberry-flavoured ribbed condoms!
*candice for her stuffed bear!
*darryl, joel, carol, val, joachim, angie, darren, mat, johanna, tricia yeo, mama, auntie mary, auntie angela, sean, aaron, marie, lulu, nalli, ethelbert, aunty pi, michelle, yilin, derek, russell, clarence, stephi, ubrina, greg, nadia, denise, sam koh, kelly, carol nguyen, lester and gil for wishing me happy birthday!
(yes i know i'm very bo-liao, but hey this is important things to me hahaha.)
heartfelt thanks and appreciation! am trulytrulytruly happy! hahaha. it's been a wonderful sweet 16 and it's all 'cause of YOU! -grins like a maniac- hahaha. well anyway, today started quite drably. haha. woke up sleepy as hell 'cause i went to the maris stella high school band's concert yesterday. it was brilliant! my bro played quite well i think! hahaha. and i saw ian and maurice there too. i think maurice played throughout the night? hahaha. anyway! there was one segment where the band played Wizard of Oz and my brother came out dressed as the tin man!! hilarious! laughed and laughed and laughed. on the whole, it was really enjoyable and the band played great music! ooh but marist boys are ROWDY! they kept yelling ole! hahaha. and the kid behind me was talking throughout the performance! so irritating! hahaha. oh wells. then went to pick my bro up from school, came back at about 11.40pm? had supper, talked on the phone a bit then headed to bed. was dead beat! hahaha.
anyway. this morning, woke up and it was only when my mum wished me happy birthday that i realised, oh YEAHH. hahahaha! hmmm. then she dropped me off at school for the amath test, but i didn't attend it. haha feel quite bad about that but yeahh. oopsie. mmmmm so met carol and qibing and convinced them to pon too (double oopsie) and then we went to meet shawn for breakfast. haha after that we went back to school where we met tricia, val and mat who were going to the cc to play bball. THEN qb decided she wanted to go play. and carol decided she didn't want to go for mass practice. SO, the whole lot of us went to play. hahaha. played til about 12.45 with dage, joachim, jeremy, yin hai and angie who came down later. :) was quite fun! but veryveryvery intimidating to play with bballers. hahaha. mmmm after that went for physics tuition then home then mass then dinner.
ooh! dinner! got treated to crystal jade. -beams- the food there was yummy! but i think we ordered too much, haha was stuffed by the time we were through. :) went home after that and cut the tiramisu birthday cake! hahaha. what a way to pile on the pounds. all in all, a greatgreatgreat birthday! mucho thanks to everyone who's made it special for me. -mwahhs- love you all! :)
oh btw, the previous post under 24th July is the one i'd written for 21st. just that i didn't get a chance to post it. :) hmmmm. this computer is fuckerish. it's great to type on and quite nice to use (as compared to dage's laptop which is bloody hard to type on and has no mouse at all!) but it's so prone to infections! what's wrong man. someone HELP!! and i've yet to blog on my own ever since the blogging thingy with all the colours came up. -pouts- ohwell.
"After the meek inherit the earth, I think we should just kick their butts and take it from them."

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