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7. have a journal/diary.
8. be a friend to everyone.
9. remember important dates.
10. stay happy, even when the tears fall. :)

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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
this post is dedicated to tricia yeo hui boon because she helped me blog that one single time and without her my entire life would come to an end because i wouldn't be able to blog that one single time. so cheers tricia! x)

gosh i'm bored. and this bloody com is acting up. either that or it's blogger itself. pui! x( -makes face- gotta study this hols man. stupidstupidstupid. urghhs. and this week there's so much happening! cally's wedding, carol's birthday, opening of harry potter, mat's birthday, tricia's con... and i doubt my mum would let me go for anything! urgghs! whatever man.

and as a result of my boredom...

wishing: that i could go out! gosh. i'm under house-arrest! -makes face-
after this: dinner! -licks lips- yummm.
talking to: shawn, heng, gil and bert.
fetishes: tattooooooos! piercingssss! -beams- x) haha i just love them.
some favourite movies: 50 first dates! harry potter!
something you're looking forward to:
last thing you ate: ruffles potato chips! yummmmy. x)
something you're afraid of: roaches. being alone in the unknown! haha that rhymes.
some favourite foods: oh gosh, just FEED me! x)
something -or someones- you wish you could understand better: MY MOTHER. haha doesn't everyone?
miss someone you haven't seen in a long time: nope not really.

[in the last 24 hrs have you]:
cried: yupps. haha over a really stupid reason.
bought something: nope.
sang: haha yeah!! to myself when i'm feeling bored. haha.
eaten: yupp of course!
been kissed: nope.
felt stupid: yes! hahaha.
wanted to tell someone you love them, but you didn't: nope.
talked to an ex: nope.
talked to someone you have a crush on: haha not exactly.
had a serious talk: sort of, with carol this morning.
missed someone: yupps!
hugged someone: nope.
argued with a parent: not argued, just her yelling at me. haha.
dreamt about someone you can't be with: nope.

[Do you]:
like candles: -shrugs- kinda indifferent? haha.
like company: of course!
believe in soulmates: yupps.
believe in love at first sight: haha yeah, but it only happens once every million years.
believe in forgiveness: -sings- i believe forgiveness is the key to your own happiness... ('affirmation'; savage garden.)
want to get married: maybe.
want to have kids: NO.
ever want to adopt kids: ditto above!

who is your role model: my dad. he's so heeeep! x)
ever liked someone you can't be with: yup of course.
ever wanted to get revenge on someone 'cause they hurt you: haha of course! but i'm big hearted! hahaha *bragbrag*
cried over the opposite sex: nope.
your favourite physical appearance: as in mine or the other person's? i like the eyes. haha.
are you happy with yourself: no girl is happy with themselves! haha. but we make do.
what plans do you have for the future: hmmm. go to college/poly, get a job/go to U. i really don't know! haha. my aim is just to get through a day at a time. x)
who's your most trustworthy family member: my dad! x)
deep secret: as if i would tell it here!
embarrassing moments: too many to name man.

[social life]:
best girlfriend: andrea!! haha but there are really too many. hmmm guess it's nat or carol.
best guy friend: hmmm. don't know man. shawn? clarence? haha.
boyfriend/girlfriend: nope.
pager/cell: cell. it rocks! haha.
are you the center of attention or a wallflower: haha a wallflower!
would you rather be with friends or on a date: friends! hands down!
job: i want to work in theatre. but not at the moment obviously.
like being around people: definitely! wasn't this asked already?

three words that sum you up: anything but ordinary. -beams!- x)
jewelry worn daily: earrings.
wallet: pink+pink tones+black stripy brandless wallet. haha.
coffee: iced mocha latte from starbucks! x) yummmmm.
shoes: any sort. haha no prefrence.
cologne/perfume: oceanus, body shop. oh! but i love CK/Hugo Boss scents! nicee!
clothing you have on: green house shirt and school shorts. haha i'm so ij-y.

wooot. that was LONG.

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