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1. participate more actively in CYF/Mustard Seed.
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3. be a better older sister.
4. be a better daughter for once.
5. get good grades and maintain them.
6. listen, not talk. (this applies to class too!)
7. have a journal/diary.
8. be a friend to everyone.
9. remember important dates.
10. stay happy, even when the tears fall. :)

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Sunday, May 23, 2004
did you think that i was gonna give it up to you, this time?
did you think that there was something i was gonna do then cry?
don't try to tell me what to do, don't try to tell me what to say.
you're better of that way.

finally allowed back at school? haha. got back some papers and they're really not good. -sighs- i don't know why, but every time i tell myself i've really got to work harder the next time, but when the next time comes i'm just screwing it up all over again. gosh. i hope it isn't like that during prelims. if i got 20++ for prelims, i'd cry mann. -frowns- someone motivate me! quick! hmmmm. english was quite disappointing since i only managed a B3 when i was aiming for an A2 and above. emaths! haha. that's about the only thing i'm glad for since i got an A2 for that. physics -- another disappointment. wanted a B and above, but i got a lousy C5. meep. and amaths... well. f9? haha. what, were you expecting something else, vanessa? haha. sooo. it's chemistry, literature, geography (so far my SS is a C average) on monday. oooh joy. haha guess my holidays will be one of constant studying (hahaha. you don't *really* believe that, do you?) NATTERS! HELP! =/

played netball today after a veryveryveryvery long while. haha candice is quite a good teacher. she'd correct us and stuff and show us how to play. well, i'm not playing for the carnival on tuesday though. only a reserve since i didn't go to school on wednesday and thursday and missed quite a bit. oh well! haha. i'm sure we'll do FINE! -cheers!- haha.

the ij walkathon! the whole lot of us actually walked 8km from chijmes at victoria street to our currently-building school at toa payoh to our holding school at thomson. oms we were dying! haha. there were actually only three of us in the group since chris fractured her foot and tasha didn't show. oh well. anyway! walked til we nearly died. abish was quite close to throwing up i think? so it was a good thing that we were quite near school by that time. and nat and i were just totally beat. but we were the first 4/niners to reach school! -cheers!- yay! hahaha cheap thrill, eh? haha. hmmmm. after a while, the rest of our class came and a few of us ended up playing monkey. was quite fun! haha. then they had the prize-giving ceremony and it started raining and val, judette and i were completely soaked and then we went to novena to eat and then i left early to go home to eat somemore (you pig, vanessa!) and then i went for physics tuition half and hour late and i swear that wasn't my fault and then for dinner then mass. boring day actually, minus the walkathon.

ohh and i broke my specs! oms! i'm completely screwed.

no tuition todayyyyy! -screams- hahaha. it's really quite sad when the only joys you have in your life is when your emath tutor's fallen sick and tuition is cancelled. hahaha well okay, not entirely true, but close! hmmmm. went to thomson for lunch and to fix my stupid specs. now i'm wearing my old ones and i look like a complete NERD! -makes face- yucks. haha oh well. no chem tuition today, but it's been pushed to tomorrow so now my total tuition-days-per-week count stands at 5. sat-phys. sun-emaths. mon-chem. tues-amath. wed-chem. -makes face!- this is seriously UNFUN. mmmm. been studying chinese the whole day. all of you better be proud of me! this takes a great deal of self-control okay. especially when i'm on my bed and no one's 'supervising' me. hahaha. x)

have i mentioned my mum's so -tears hair out- irritating? yesh. we're currently not on speaking terms because i accumulated $7+ of fines on my library card. -eyes widen- THAT'S THE REASON WHY SHE WAS SCOLDING AND SCOLDING AND SCOLDING ALL THE WAY HOME? hello, give me a break!

No, I won't let go, know what we can be.
I won't watch my life crashing down on me.
Guess I had it all right there before my eyes.
Girl I'm sorry now, you were the last thing on my mind.

she smiled
at 7:43 PM

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