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10. stay happy, even when the tears fall. :)

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Saturday, February 21, 2004
my tea's gone cold, i'm wondering why i got out of bed at all.

school wasn't too bad today. 'cept for double social studies and double amaths *consecutively*! could have died. and if that stupid janny lee picks on me ONE MORE TIME... -trails off dangerously- haha can't recall much of what happened already. mmmm.

went to church early for a meeting about the praise and worship sessions. mmmm. not too sure if i can do it now 'cause the practices are really often and i'm not sure i can make it for so many and like on weekdays and stuff. =( oh well. maybe next year i guess? =/ anyway, cyf was reallyreallyreally nice. i think anne and isabelle did a great job. it was on the 7 Deadly Sins and it was quite 'enlightening' while being interesting at the same time. hahaha and ange and i were both tearing! maybe we're too emotional.

walked to the interchange with the cyf people and then took the bus back with mat. and that shawn! always bullying me. ehh can be a bit nicer to your juniors? haha ungentleman! xP lol. anyway. in the bus (where we were talking about so much crap i'm not even going to go into it! although it did involve the topic of bra sizes. hahaha that was a bit entertaining.), i was so sleepy and worn out i put my head on mat's shoulder and everyone in the bus was staring! hahaha they're all insane. but thanks mat, for walking all the way and taking the bus with me. -hugs- ilu*daughter! haha. slept late watching 'Sweet Dreams And Turtle Soup' and i didn't even manage to watch it til the end. could barely keep my eyes open.

went for training this morning at six. -yawwns- and i met sarah, jan's sister! haha she's such a doll. literally as well! she's got this really too-cute-just-wanna-pinch face. haha but i think our swimming juniors this year are veryveryveryveryvery few. -tears- there goes hopes of having team training reopen again. anyway, went to school for Green+Red+Blue House Day. it wasn't too bad! they had like different games (captain's ball, scavenger hunt, bball etc) and stuff and they would rotate la. i was put in charge of basketball with michelle and cassandra and it was just HILARIOUS! hahaha i sound mean. but really, the score was like 12-1? haha on average anyhow! and cassandra had to play like 5 games in a row 'cause the groups kept having uneven numbers. lol but i was kinda sleepy and tired to really enjoy it. =/ haha. i met cheryl! she's awfully sweet. haha maybe we might not have too many people in swimming, but with nicee juniors like pq*meimei and cheryl, it's still somewhat tolerable. haha. OH! and the red house leaders dunked a vat full of disgusting gunk on tjl! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. that's for all the times you tortured us! pui! haha. i don't like her very much. x)

took the bus back to j8 with matty and val. they went to eat but i had to go home to eat microwaveable nasi lemak and then rush off for tuition. -sticks out tongue- i hateee not being able to eat outside with my friends. puipuipui. haha but it's cheaper to stay home and eat. haha shall make all my friends 'da pao' and come back to my place to eat. lol! i'm being mad. mmmm. tuition was quite alright 'cept that i was nearly dozing off from time to time. and we were all talking about ghost stories! -shivers- i'm dead cowardly. i've got the guts of a chicken! i've never watched a single horror show in my entire life. urggghs. x(

headed back to church after buying a couple of black hairbands. i now average about 5 hairbands a month. i broke carol's and matty's (today) and abish and christine broke two of mine. sheeeesh. haha anyway. it was shiiiit boring, just sitting there doing NOTHING for the better part of an hour. haha did manage to do some tuition homework though. help! i've developed kelly-itis. x( and i am veryveryvery angry! after mass we went to the coffeeshop opposite the community centre and there was this table that we were waiting for and the couple (old+ugly) sitting there had ALREADY eaten their food and were just sitting there picking their freaking noses and staring around at people. -SCREAMS+ROARS+SCREECHES- have they absolutely no consideration! this is what the term 'ugly singaporeans' mean. i'm disgusted.

still have tuition tomorrow morning. help.

and i wanna thank you... for the best day of my life.

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