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1. participate more actively in CYF/Mustard Seed.
2. participate more in CCAs.
3. be a better older sister.
4. be a better daughter for once.
5. get good grades and maintain them.
6. listen, not talk. (this applies to class too!)
7. have a journal/diary.
8. be a friend to everyone.
9. remember important dates.
10. stay happy, even when the tears fall. :)

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Friday, February 27, 2004
baby boy, you stay on my mind, fulfil my fantasies. i think about you all the time, i see you in my dreams.

i've quite a bit to talk about today, so bear with me! -angelic smile- will try not to bore you. =) anyway, today's chinese period was dead boring. even tpy's more entertaining than the relief she sent in as her replacement! gosh. but i suppose she was quite thorough in explaining the 'zao ju' of the chinese words, even if i wasn't really paying attention. haha oh dear. anyway! 4/8's currently at SAC which is why the classroom was quite empty during chinese (we're all banded according to our grades, and there're about 6 girls in my class i think.). i'm sure they're all having a blast! i miss our 4niners camp. but to echo what sam mentioned in her blog (i think it was her anyway) i don't think our class has quietened down much after SAC. i mean, at camp we were talking about how much the problem of noise is affecting everyone and i kinda figured that was a veryveryvery nice way of telling me to shut up 'cause i realise i'm probably one of those in class who's always making noise and not listening (whoops) but since then i've tried to cut back on the talking quite a little bit. haha even val and frances told me i'm quieter! x) but this is a really important year so i hope everyone can just hold their thoughts until after the lesson is over. we're capable of so much, and yet we're doing worse than expected. we gotta show them that 4niners rockK! haha. =) we can do it!

0-Level results came out today! and our school did quite well! -beams- i can't really remember the figures (and i'm too lazy to write them out even if i remembered anyway!) but i think we might've moved up a few placings. -proud smile- IJ rocks. no questions asked! and to those of you who just got back your results, even if they weren't too good and stuff, don't fret! everything will be okay in the end; therefore if it's not okay, it's not the end. -starts singing- we will get there! hah. anyway, it really made me think about how in approximately 1 year's time it'll be US worrying our butts off and fretting over OUR exam results. it's scary! gosh. suddenly it all seems so real. -ponders- hmmm. haha maybe i just think too much. we're going to have a TEN-YEAR REUNION! 4niners shall all gather together after 10 years, when we're 26, and see how far everyone's come. some of us might be engaged, others already mothers, some with well-established careers, others just taking time off. but i don't think anyone would ever forget 4/9 2004 even if we all take different paths in our lives. -sniffs- haha i'm being such a sap. yeeesh. alright! enough about that!

mrs tay's chemistry lesson was quite absurd! haha. she was talking about how chemistry is applicable in our daily lives and christine was practically tearing her hair out next to me! haha 'cause she was saying "why don't you cut your vegetables very early before you cook?" and while a lay-man might say it's plain common sense, the chemistry student will answer "because the vegetables will oxidise." -speechless- i can see how PHYSICS is applicable, but *chemistry*?! LOL! haha. quite funny in a very exasperating+irritating+pissing-offing way. HAH. xP anyway, onto more serious things. during english lesson today, we were discussing whether the tudung should be allowed or banned in schools (one of the reasons why i like ms chow. she actually gives you a chance to debate and discuss issues, rather than just sit there and do compres and stuff. interesting! haha.) and it was all fine and dandy, talking about a multi-racial society and how we shouldn't make it seem like we're attacking their culture and tradition, but then the lime-light turned to RELIGION. in my opinion, religion isn't something that's veryveryvery wonderful to discuss. because even though we've all learned to tolerate and accept others' religions, there'll still be the questioning and the even more intensive questioning that just sound plain accusatory or like riducule. and it kinda hurts, in a way. val told me she was tearing even. especially when abish (she's a Mormon) was talking, others were just going 'that's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard' and all. i mean, even if you don't share their beliefs, there's no reason to be sort-of disrespectful of their religion right? in my opinion anyway. maybe i'm wrong, but i just feel that way. haha. =)

carol came over to study today, and my dad gave us a lift back to the house. he's such a sweet dad. sometimes when i really THINK and reflect on issues in my life, i feel like there's a lot of explaining and i've a lot of questions. haha that's if i could seriously think while crying. haha i think i cry too much. mmmm. yeah like why did he leave if he loved my brother and i so much? it kinda sucks to even think that you weren't enough and he just didn't love you enough to stay. yeahh. and even when i see him these days, we don't hug and stuff. i don't think i've hugged either parent since i was in primary school, before all the nonsensical rubbish happened. so i guess sometimes i can't help but feel that even if we spend the day together or call each other, we're still drifting farther and farther apart so it's not even much of a father-daughter relationship anymore. and that really sucks. =/ hah. this is a first. i don't speak to anyone about my family problems, like i told carol this afternoon, since i kinda prefer just keeping it to myself 'cause no one would understand anyway, but here i am going on and on and on about my family. hah. pardon me! anyway, we did some studying then she left for home and i read a little then went to meet matty and val. mat! hope your rash gets better soon. tkcare, daughter! ilu* mmmm. went to eat after that, and then headed down for cyf. =)

today's cyf was challenging in a way. we were made to do this amazing race thingy that we'll figure out a clue and get to a location and then perform a stunt or something la. and my group was techincally full of strangers! haha i didn't know most of them, except for crystal and gillian. and even though there were three girls only (myself included) we were like the leaders of the pack! hah. i think that could've been improved, 'cause the guys (except for joshua) weren't really participating. yeahh. but kelvin, our 'supervisor' was quite patient with us, even when we'd accidentaly left a team-mate behind. haha so yeah. thanks! but it was VERYVERYVERY tiring. my legs are aching more than ever. -sighs- headed back to church when bernard called and said my mum was there already. i hate always having to leave early, have i mentioned that? irksome! =( oh well. i shall just count the days til i turn 21... 1825 days from my birthday. -cries-

still have SS workshop tomorrow and i'm going out with my dad and going for tuition and going for mass. busy!! (at least i'm not going for training though, haha.) and my phone's with wyna. i feel naked!

1. give up swearing. (thanks wyna.)
2. try to cut down on my sms-ing. -embarrassed-
3. be more patient in teaching my younger brother.
4. try to pay attention during chemistry.
5. spend less time on the internet.

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