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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
i'm standing here until you make me move, i'm hanging by a moment here with you.

happyhappyhappy. -beams- today was nicee! hahaha. let's see, no lessons today! haha but of course it's the eve of chinese new year. -beams- can't wait to wear my new jeans tomorrow! and get hongbaos! hahaha. but we have a lot of homework too so that kinda sucks. oh well. i'll study on saturday. =) mmmm daddy met me in school today to pass me the camera. i'd messaged him the night before to ask if it was convenient for him to bring the cam tomorrow and he came all the way! he's the best dad in the whole world! x) lovehimtobits. took pictures with the bitchfest gang (minus tasha 'cause she's in bangkok. -pouts- unfair!) hahaha so anyway. before i digress, had open-air mass today too and though it was really really really irritating with the sun in our eyes and all, mass was great 'cause of the Father. i don't know his name but he was really funny, told lots of stories. i even teared when he told one story about a girl who's best friend was raped and murdered and how she came to church to tell Father she didn't believe in God anymore. today, he said, she works with the UN helping children around the world. and all because he asked her to write a letter to her best friend, thanking her for her friendship and in all, getting some closure. after that she had a dream of the friend, that she thanked her for the letter and all. -tears- it was so touching! haha even nat nearly cried. =) and 4/1 and 4/2 did a great job with the songs! it was really cute. x)

celebrations were a little lame. there was an interhouse "beauty pageant" and... well i better not comment on that. haha but some of the girls were pretty and cute haha. disappointing not to see Mr Tan up there though! why Mr Ng! haha christine, nat, robyn and i were all shouting "Mr Tan! Mr Tan!" hahaha lame. x) hmmm band music, lion and dragon dances after that and it was nice on the whole la. =) the celebrations ended late so nat's dad so kindly gave us a lift... in his yellow porsche convertible! serious! and it was so cool 'cause my hair was flying all around like a mad woman and we were all squashed in the car and everyone was staring and we waved at people we didn't know even haha just like celebrities! -breathes- hahaha enough rambling. and bert and greg didn't believe us! -outraged- haha carol and i are so going to take pictures of that gorgeous car.

anyway, got to j8 and found marcus already at the cinema. bert, elsa, sam fern, colin and greg came after that and we decided to watch 'Cheaper By The Dozen'! i know alot of people watched that today including mat, val and angie (haha i think they were in town) and i've only one thing to say... that show ROCKS! haha it was hilarious and so touching at the same time. the part where that little kid with the carrot hair and the specs was crying in the train 'cause his toad died and his family didn't seem to be including him was so sad! then the dad came on the train, crying too and i was tearing again! tsk! what's wrong with me! lol. but it made me feel like having 12 kids! i mean, my grandma had 12 kids - two sons and ten daughters. and i've only one bro. haha i think it's be a perpetual party having eleven other brothers and sisters! not to mention the queues for the bathroom every morning. haha the horror.

mmmm. after the movie, sam fern, elsa, colin and carol went home and bert, greg, marcus and me went to EAT! hahaha and as we were sitting in Macs, after this horrid couple stole the table i was eyeing, i saw carol waving at us from Mos opposite so i went over. turns out lester, lai and another guy i didn't know were there! haha they were gonna watch 'last samurai'. i still think cheaper by the dozen was a blast though! hahaha. hmmm. after that walked home with marcus and greg. (haha sorry bert, didn't see you leave!) haha they're both mad. and they both don't like jay chou/5566. that confirms they're really mad. xP

right. so came home and slept a little. had steamboat with my bro and mum just now and that was sorta nice. =) going to watch tv (hopefully some mvpqingren again!) later. i hate mosquitos! i've got 21 stinking mosquito bites on my face and it's ruined my complexion! so blotchy and all now. -whines- that's going to need A LOT of concealer tomorrow. i'm such a vainpot haha.

'cause if my eyes don't deceive me there's something going on around here.

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