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1. participate more actively in CYF/Mustard Seed.
2. participate more in CCAs.
3. be a better older sister.
4. be a better daughter for once.
5. get good grades and maintain them.
6. listen, not talk. (this applies to class too!)
7. have a journal/diary.
8. be a friend to everyone.
9. remember important dates.
10. stay happy, even when the tears fall. :)

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Friday, November 07, 2003
( from alyssa's blog. )

1) Wallet - white and black with a button that keeps it shut. haha and it's got the word 'van' written with correction fluid on the side.
2) Hairbrush - ummm let's see... purple. haha quite big.
3) Toothbrush - white with a little bit of purple here and there
4) Jewelry worn daily - my blue ear studs and my cross+Mary pendant necklace.
5) Pillow cover - white for one and the other is covered in blue and yellow flowers!
6) Blanket - blue thermal one that they use in hospitals! full of holes but it keeps me warm =) actually that's quite symbolic.. haha.
7) Coffee cup - i don't have one that i use all the time. i swap ard.
8) sunglasses - it looks like, well, sunglasses. tinted and frameless.
9) Underwear - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i've got loads so i'm not going to bother describing them all.
10) Cologne/Perfume - impulse. hahaa and givenchy! x)
11) CD in stereo right now - my cd player isn't working but the one i'm listening to now is full of christina aguilera songs =)
12) Tattoos - none. YET.
13) Piercings - one on each ear. how completely boringg haha. i want more!!
14) What you are wearing now - a spag and track pants =) comfy for napping in later =)
15) In my mouth - uhh. everything that's supposed to be in a mouth?
16) In my head - wondering why my blog takes so long to view.
17) Wishing - that i had gotten better results for my eoys. and that i was back at obs where i would not have to think about said results.
18) After this - tv! and more snacking =)
19) Fetishes - hahaha eating and sleeping! do those count? haha. =)
20) If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what? umm i don't hate so powerfully so i don't think there's anyone.
21) Person you wish you could see right now - cupcake so i can tell her all my stories and she'll tell me all of hers. haha. x)
22) Is next to you - umm on my right is the printer and the left is a desk and swivel chair. oh and my brother's bag.
23) Some of your favorite movies - lots. but i can't be bothered to write it down.
24) Something you're looking forward to - christmas i guess. actually come to think of it there really isn't anything to look forward too. mmmm oh my confirmation!
25) The last thing you ate - my lunch and a brownie this morning.
26) Something that you are deathly afraid of - cockroaches and being left alone in a dark place. oh and the unknown. that was why i was so terrified when we took a night walk in obs where it was so dark you couldn't see your hand in front of you! *shudders*
27) Do you like candles - hahaha i don't really bother about them.
28) Do you like incense - depends on how strong the smell is but generally no.
29) Do you like the taste of blood - not really but i'm not about to gag or anything because of it. =)
30) Do you believe in love - yupps.
31) Do you believe in soul mates - a little bit?
32) Do you believe in love at first sight - uhh yeah i guess.
33) Can you eat with chopsticks - hahaha not very well! everyone tells me i hold the bloody sticks wrongly but i can't be bothered to change. much rather use a fork and spoon though.
34) What are some of your favorite candies - snickers! haha and mars and twix and all other chocolates x)
35) What's something that you wish people would understand -

-.F I R S T.T H I N G S.F I R S T.-
[my name is]: vanessa
[in the morning i am]: cranky. and sleepy.
[all i need is]: freedom. *alliwantiseverything*
[love is]: not everything but a nice little bonus to life. =)
[i'm afraid of]: cockroaches and dogs jumping me. *shudder*
[i dream about]: lotsa weird things that i can picture vaguely and yet not be able to describe. =P

-.F A V O R I T E S.-
[COLOR]: lots lots lots. x)
[NUMBER]: 24 and 7!! x)
[SUBJECT]: english and literature. =)
[CLOTHING BRAND]: hang ten! hahah and any other brand la. i'm not that particular.
[SHOE BRAND:] new balance 'cause they're shoes are made for people like me with wide toes. hahaha =)
[SPORT TO PLAY]: hahaha as long as it doesn't involve hand-eye coordination i'm fine. =)
[DRINK]: iced mocha latte. or coke! haha.
[ANIMAL:] cats!
[HOLIDAY]: any holiday that means i don't have to go to school.

-.H A V E.Y O U.E V E R.-
[pictured your crush naked?]: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. NO! not that obsessive thank you very much. xP
[actually seen your crush naked]: no no no no no.
[been in love]: depends.
[cried when someone died]: not really. just felt empty and sad but no tears.
[lied]: yeahh. many many times.

-.W H O.-
[makes you laugh the most?]: everyone! x)
[makes you smile]: everyone again! hahaha because they've all touched my life in one way or another. x) *cheeeesy*
[gives you a funny feeling when you see them]: hmmm. define funny.
[has a crush on you?]: hahahaha volunteers please stand up! lol!
[easiest to talk to]: natalie.

-D O.Y O U.E V E R.-
[sit on the Internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. you?]: can you sit on the internet? haha but nope my mom would kill me.
[save aol/aim conversations]: hahaha no. then again i don't have aol or aim so. *evil gleam* go figure? =)
[wish you were a member of the opposite sex]: yeahh once a month.
[cry because of someone saying something to you]: yeahh haha. *weakling*

-.H A V E.Y O U.E V E R.-
[fallen for your best friend]: nope haha andrea's my darlinggg though!
[been rejected]: sort of? hahaha don't know la.
[rejected someone]: uhh yeah i think? don't really know.
[used someone]: i don't think so but i'm sorry if i have.
[done something you regret]: millions and millions and millions more. i don't think i'll ever learn! *slaps self*

-.W H O.W A S.T H E.L A S T.P E R S O N.-
[you talked to on the phone]: my dad i think.
[hugged]: ummm i think it was linn or cupcakey haha i'm not sure.
[you instant messaged]: nat i think.
[you laughed with]: justin 'cause we were watching wwe together haha.

-.D O.Y O U / A R E.Y O U.-
[smoke cigarettes]: nope.
[obsessive]: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. ummmm. yeah i guess but i've stopped already! *angelistic*
[could you live without the computer?]: haha i survived for 5 days during obs so yeahh guess i could even though i'd miss it terribly.
[how many peeps are on your buddylist?]: if you're talking about msn then 95.
[fruit?]: umm i like fruits? esp mango!!
[drink alcohol?]: nope but i sorta like the smell of it? hahaha it's weird i know.
[like watching sunrises or sunset]: sunsets i think. 'cause i'd never wake up early enough to watch the sunrise.
[what hurts the most?]: betrayal and dishonesty but everyone has to deal with it. oh and pouring water or insect cream over open sores. *winces*
[trust others way too easily?]: yeahh i do. still haven't learned my lesson. such a glutton for punishment! xP

-.N U M B E R.-
[of times i have had my heartbroken?] umm once i think? hahaha but i'm not sure it counts so.
[of hearts u have broken?]: lol i don't think i've broken any!
[of continents I have lived in?]: singapore if it counts.
[of drugs taken illegally?]: ummm none i think. i'm a good girl! x)
[of tight friends?]: quite a few i think.
[of cd's that i own?]: ummm around 30 i think.
[of scars on my body ?]: hahaha too many to count. frm falling down to scab scars and now stupid sandfly bites have added about a million more (give or take another million)
[of things in my past that I regret?]: hahaha ditto above, too many to count.

-.P I C K.O N E.-
[MARRY PERFECT FRIEND OR PERFECT LOVER]: perfect friend? haha how would i know when i'm only 15?
[1 PILLOW OR 2 ]: two, one to place under your head and the other to snuggle against haha. yuckk that sounds almost disgusting? lol!
[W/ OR W/O ICE CUBES]: with . i love eatin e ice
[TOP OR BOTTOM]: hahaha if this means what i think it means, i'm not answering it!
[WINTER/SPRING/SUMMER/FALL]: all 4? haha 'cause i've never experienced any yet so i wouldn't really know. but i think fall is nicee! x)
[NIGHT OR DAY]: night. time to sleeeep!
[DRESSED OR UNDRESSED]: dressed haha.
[BUNK OR WATER BED]: either. never slept on a water bed before.
[MTV OR VH1]: mtv
[OCEAN OR POOL]: pool if you're talking about singapore but normally it's oceans. esp the one at ubin where we kayaked!!
[SHOWERS OR BATHS]: showers. haha i don't like soaking in my own filth.
[LOVE OR LUST]: hahaha can i just say infatuation? it's a lot easier to deal with than either of the two.
[SILVER OR GOLD]: silver!
[DIAMONDS OR PEARLS]: neither. haha diamonds will just make me worry that it'll fall out and pearls are for older women.

-.I F.Y O U.C O U L D.-
[Move anywhere]: melbourne. just somewhere far far away from s'pore.
[Meet one famous person]: aaron carter! hahaha or nick shen 'cause he's so so so cute. *bimbotic*
[Live with one person the rest of your life]: hmmm don't know yet i suppose.
[Name one thing you love]: my friends. *awwww*
[Name one thing that embarrasses you]: blushing. so it's a vicious cycle. get embarrassed, blush, get embarrassed somemore. haha.
[Do you like school?]: just the friends+slacking part. not the studying+exams part. =)
[Do you like to talk on the telephone?]: not really but i'm game for the occassional hour-long gossip call? haha.
[Do you like to dance?]: hahaha when no one's watching! x)
[Do you sing in the shower?]: nope
[Do you think cheerleading is a sport?]: yeahh i guess.
[What's on your ceiling?]: umm the fan and light?
[What's the hardest thing about growing up?]: getting that once-a-month nightmare. *scowls*

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