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3. be a better older sister.
4. be a better daughter for once.
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7. have a journal/diary.
8. be a friend to everyone.
9. remember important dates.
10. stay happy, even when the tears fall. :)

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Saturday, November 01, 2003
Day 3.
PT today sucked agaiN! i hate waking up early usually, but here at obs it's quite okay? hahaha a little strange. mmm pt sucks big man. i hate running. but the games sort of make up for it since they're quite fun and lame sometimes lol. mmm today we had some police cadets with us too and had to play this number game where the girls were worth 10cents each (wtf! everyone was so indignant.) and the guys were worth 1cent each (everyone was LESS indignant! haha we laughed so much.) and we had to form a group amounting to $4 and gen was laughing so hard 'cause it was like 400 guys to make $4!! haha so lame. anyway. we did rock-climbing today! at first the wall looked really easy and i thought it would be okay, since i've done climbing before and it's quite easy for me. but when you actually put your feet on the wall and start climbing, it starts getting very difficult. in our group, the only one who reached the top was alyssa! the rest of us made it slightly over half-way before we gave up. i felt quite sad to give up, but seriously i couldn't find a single hole or 'cookie' that i could grip. *sniff* haha sam and i gave up at the same place! belaying is quite scary actually, 'cause you don't really know if you can hold onto the rope and if you'll let the person fall. and sam actually FLEW yesterday when she was belaying someone else! hahaha everyone was nearly crying with laugher. loL! hmmm. tomorrow there's an expedition for two days one night. really hope i can make it. 'cause every time i'm on a camp, i'll feel very homesick the moment night falls. the past 2 nights have been fine since sleeping in a bed is sorta like sleeping in your own bed so you don't really get that homesick. oh well. just hope i don't disappoint the watch. dhanabalan rocks! we built a rock in the afternoon. it was SHIT fun!! omg. haha actually we were only given an hour and 15 minutes to build it and it was so tiring and painful (i got rope burn from it.) but in the end, we pulled through and we were the ONLY group whose raft managed to stay together! and FLOAT! i think we seriously bonded together as a watch and that was nice! haha but michelle was really tired so hope she rests up enough tonight since she's leading the expedition tomorrow. i think the mgs girls are really quite sweet lol! when their raft decided to come loose and we passed them they did a cheer for us! so sweet then we cheered for them too. lol. later on, when we got stuck in the muddy ground a little far out to sea, they decided to help pull us along. so they were running towards us, without knowing the ground was so muddy and that they'll sink. it was all really quite baywatch slow-motion! lol! then we were waving and shrieking for them to stop since they'll only get stuck in the mud. THEN. they all tripped and fell as one. hahahahahahahahaha! it was so so so so so FUNNY!! LOL i guess that sounds a little mean but seriously they seem like nice people la so i take back what i said about them. =) packed for the expedition just now. the bags are very heavy. they're so heavy that if you stand straight and just put the slightest weight on your heels you'll fall backwards! and we have to trek so shit far tomorrow. i hope i last. night everyone.

Day 4
it is now 1 am in the morning. and i am awake. because i am tired. and because i cannot sleep. because of the water coming in from both sides of the tent and i am squashed at the side. ARRRGGGHHH. i'll start at the beginning. PT today was fun!! i take back what i said about connell. he's not so bad! he said we had to jog 6 rounds around obs and everyone went 'HUH!!!' so loudly. we were so pissed since the expedition was today and obviously we'd be tired out. in the end, he took us to run six rounds around the obs INSIGNIA!! everyone was laughing so hard. could tell we were all really relieved! lol! hmmm. after that we had to go for breakfast which was rubbish 'cause i couldn't eat a single bite. seriously, i was on the verge of throwing up. so i just drank the milo for energy lol. (obs is very physic-y. eric tan would love it here!) after that we packed up and met pauline who gave us a briefing then onto the expedition. we were to walk to a checkpoint and do a task. once the task was completed, she would give us two numbers to the final campsite. so we walked! the first checkpoint was on a hill. at first it was very difficult since climbing with a shit heavy pack is absolutely no fun. but once we reached it was fine. we did this tunnel thing for the task, where we were supposed to go into a pitch black tunnel and crawl til we reached the end. i thought it would be okay, but it was really kinda scary 'cause it was so dark i couldn't see anything and was just clinging to sam's track pants. lol. in the end, when the last girl got in, and the lid of the tunnel was closed, the first girl reached the end of the tunnel! hahaa it was just a short 2 metre one! omg haha. thennnn we trekked to the next one. this second one was very hard and we spent a lot of time there since we couldn't find the point. we overshot the thing by about an entire 1km 'cause we read the map wrongly. in the end, when we found the point (which was behind a grave. those people are evil! they thought we wouldn't dare go there. actually we didn't but we did in desperation haha.) two hours later, the quote on it said this: "good judgment usually comes from experience; usually experience comes from poor judgement." so true! haha. next one! i had to pace 1km. shit tiring 'cause i was counting up to 710 paces. it started raining shortly after that and it was even more draining. i really felt like giving up, but i'm glad i persevered. "life is either a daring adventure or nothing." that was the next quote. the last checkpoint was the fastest of them all i think! haha and we walked to the campsite after that. along the way, it was raining so hard that bo seng, kurt and us were told to stop at the temple to wait til it cleared before going on. when we finally moved, we wanted to swim in the quarry but pitching tents was the main objective so we did that first. felt so envious seeing kurt go swimming while we were still stuck there haha. so we put it up and ran to the quarry where the water was so warm. it rocked!! but we couldn't play very long and had to go back to change because of some myth about the 'quarry people' and how at 7 the guardian angels would leave and the 'quarry people' would try to drag you down. haha pauline only told us this on the last day! lol. hmmm. then we changed and built the fire and started cooking. the food was YUMMMMMMMYLICIOUS! maybe it was 'cause we were hungry. haha the rice was mush! and the sausages were cold but it tasted great. hmmm. after that we washed up at the waters edge (where everyone was so helpful, shining torches on the rocks so ppl could see where they were going and not fall) we went to sleep. we were the first watch to sleep okay! at 10! *omg* everyone was still laughing and talking but we decided to sleep. lol. but now, the rain is pushing in. it's been raining on and off and the water is seeping in from both sides, my head and my feet. gen's sleeping next to me too and it's quite nice sleeping with her, can put her arm around my waist! lol! but it's hard to sleep without a pillow and just curled like a ball. so i'm up now, writing. the bo seng girls are still talking and i can hear some people talking from the other tent so i'll stop for now. everyone in singapore, good night.

Day 5.
i'm home! blahs. gonna miss pauline a lot! she's really a sweet instructor, very motherly. 'cept that she talks a little too much? lol. hmmm let's see. after waking up at two we started packing up! haha could hear the other watches (bo seng i think) complaining we were making too much noise. peeing in bushes is disgusting! haha. made milo and spooned it to sam who said i was very motherly! lol! =) it was quite bland though. it was just fun sitting around the fire warming our hands. got bitten very badly last night. after a while (at 6) we were told of a Cat1 (storm) coming, so we had to quickly pack and pack and get everything ready. by then our tent (the one gen and i were sleeping in) had already been dismantled halfway! omg. so we packed everything superduper fast and put the lifejackets on them and put our disgusting sandy and pokey ponchos on and sat on the groundsheet waiting, pulling the blue tarp over our heads and getting ready for the Cat1. it didn't come. bah! quite annoying, but i don't think we would have packed so fast if we'd known it wasn't coming. we were the first watch to move off! what a change! but my feet had blisters that were so bad, i was walking with my heels out of my shoes which hurt even more. oh well. i hate that camping bag it's shit heavy. we were the first watch to reach back! we all yelled at the top of our voices! haha could tell we were so glad to be back. pauline said that we were walking like bullet trains! what a change from yesterday hah! *pooop* hmmm. had to wash up and put the stuff back and that was very painful since the blisters hurt so badly. oh well. they're fine now. we didn't really lose anything i think, 'cept for a water bottle or two? haha when we were in the boat after that we saw it floating in the water! lol! hmmm. then pauline gave us a three-hour debrief. it was quite sad... sitting in the room and hearing everyone talk, knowing that it was the last time the 16 of us (pauline included) would be in the same place sharing the same experience. *sniff* dhana forever. went to buy gifts and souvenirs (bought 4 collarpins for my parents and bro! so sweet right lol.) and lunch was hurried 'cause we wanted to leave early. but i miss everything now. took some photos with pauline and all and then we left. pauline drove the boat and we all hugged her goodbye. the journey back home was strange. i felt so disorientated and weird. like i spent a year there instead of just 5 days. i feel sad. right now it's late and i'm so irritable and tired. so i'm going to sleep.

"Let us realise that many things that happen to us are outside of our control. but the way we choose to react to it is inside our control."

i want to go back.

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