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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
today's val's birthday! and gen's birthday and mr tan's birthday as well! mucho hugs and kisses to my two wonderful friends (enjoy what's left of your day, you two!) and a nicely warbling happy birthday song to mr tan. i would send him love and hugs too, but. i'll leave that to his wife and some (read: blind) girls in school. anyway, i feel another of my lame attacks coming on. ergo, today's entry might sound like yesterday's entry -- entirely full of crap, moanings, musing and weird english. enjoy. -evil laughter rings from the four corners of the earth-

instinct told me that today might not be that good of a day after all. and by golly, i was right. chinese in the morning was wonderful. i've always *loved* writing down primary-school-standard chinese words that link together to form an essay. *my* essay, mind you. sitting between hyeh yun and alyssa wasn't helping much either, since, although they were both so kind and helped me everytime i pulled out a tuft of my hair in frustration of my inability to converse in chinese, to hear them asking each other words that i would probably never understand and have only vaguely heard of was a mite depressing. Lord knows how well i'm going to score for my chinese finals this year. and the next. hahaha. this is unhealthy. sinking oneself into depression is never good! -wails-

had english after that, and not unexpectedly, joteo managed to make it keep-your-eyeballs-open-with-toothpicks boring. the highlight of the lesson, however, was the enormous wasp/bee/flyinginsect-withwings that entered through the window next to lulu and terrorized the both of us. it kept flying around us, and lulu was nearly hiding under her table (if i'm not wrong, she *was* hiding under her table and using her literature notes as a make-shift helmet.) wasps are evil, mean creatures. and joteo didn't even care! she was all "Miss Vanderstraaten, the more you move, the more it's likely to attack you!" i wonder if she knows that words like those do *nothing* for the palpitating heart of a 15-year-old girl who's terrified of flying insects. i'm guessing she doesn't. and she made it sound as if it was our fault that it chose to attack us by saying "If you're scared of the insects then why are you sitting there?!" hello, joteo-you-bitch, my clueless brainless fat ass teacher. i was *honestly* trying to not incur her wrath by moving (plus, i was lazy too.) and she scolds me. -scowls- what's the use of trying? all you get is pain. when i wanted sunshine, i got rain.

i received my geography marks after recess, only to find out, to my dull amusement, that i'd failed with a 9.5/25. assuming my inadequate maths skills have not gone entirely to waste, that would be a 38 upon hundred. U. U for ungraded. U for undesirable. U for u-suck-at-geography-u-imbecile. -sighs sadly- oh well. i didn't really study for that test anyhow, so can't blame anyone but myself. i hate it when that happens. it's only fun when you can blame someone else! -sobs- haha. lameshit. hmmmm. after geog was emaths and amaths so i moved to the back 'cause shireeeenbaby promised to sit with me. and she didn't. neither did john. -huffs- so i ended up by myself, sitting there, lonely and annoyed and unbearably bored. my habit of drawing on the glass came back too, and i scrawled all over the window pane 'i am very bored' and 'wo hen men' and 'jieying is very irritating!' lol! and jie was being *very* annoying! hahaha. but i still love her anyway! you hear that, you annoying adorable idiot? -hugsjietight- i thought we'd be missing ME (last two periods) 'cause our whole class was supposed to go for dental appointments (i reckon they'll make us stand in a line with our mouths open) but the nurses abandoned us to the evil clutches of joteo. YET AGAIN. i am beginning to despise literature.

well, okay, you know i don't mean that.

i'm a sucker for literature through and through. but honestly joteo can make it the most uninteresting lesson on earth. end of the 2 periods saw me drained of energy and completely lifeless. and there was amaths remedial after that too. you can imagine my joy.

lulu told me an interesting story on the way home today, too. well, not so much as story as gossip. haha. (there goes my virgin ear-drums.) apparently some people, some quite *intelligent* people are wondering why i rebonded my hair. and quite obviously, they seem reluctant to take venomous-hatred-for-curly-and-frizzy-and-untamable-hair as an excuse. -thoughtful- well, if they come up with any other ideas about why i straightened my hair (and literature students, it is *not* symbolic.) please let me know. i am as inquisitive as you are (and quite clueless too.), regarding such an amusing matter. -angelic smile- oh, lulu also quite fiercely hissed that a lot of people know my "secret". -raises eyebrow- UH. okay? lulu sweetie, thanks to an unsuccessful revision of geography just now, i *counted*. all in all, at least 27 people know. so you can understand if i'm not very hot and bothered about this right? s'not as if i care about what those rumour-mongers have to say anyhow. -beams-

tuition later. how interesting. (inside joke. hazel+candice you should know what i mean!)

i bought a ticket to the end of the rainbow. i watched the stars crash into the sea. if i could ask God one question, why aren't you here with me? < -- 'someday we'll know' by mandy moore and someone else. hahaha. it's a nice song! x)

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