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Wednesday, September 17, 2003
today was fun! haha not really *that* fun, since there was lotsa studying to do and rubbish like that, but still. i'm in love with my class. hahaha seriously, we rock! haha lameshit. didn't blog yesterday so blogged on paper instead:

11.30 now. so damn late and i'm so damn tired and i'm doing my stupid fucking zuo wen now. wtf. i want tpg to die. xP anyway, today was quite a nice day la. went to school half dead 'cause i was so tired since i slept at one the night before (doing another of tpg's stupid essays that she can't seem to forget.) -yawwn- anyway. chinese first 2 periods. nearly strangled that stupid woman. and i would have too, if i'd had any energy to even stand. oh! NEWS! for the first time in my life, i handed in my zuo wen *early*. just bullshitted my way through as usual, and i thought maybe i'd get brownie points for effort. then that fucking shit turns to me and says zhe ge zuo wen bu tai hao. bu ke yi zhe yang xie blahblahblah. GO TO HELL. she's so like my mother, it's scary! honestly, i simply can't please the both of them right. haha. but tpg's one up 'cause she never seems to call on me in class. maybe for that i'll try to stop hating her so much. LOL.

hmmm. then geog after recess was just insanity. god. i wrote half of what everyone else wrote. couldn't even finish one side of full-scap, even with the notes that i copied from. couldn't really help cheating, 'cause i hadn't time to study the night before but anyway i hereby pledge to stop cheating on geog. x) so guai haha. got my report card back too. didn't fail anything for the past 2 mths! -thrilled- but i think that's 'cause i haven't got back my chem test yet. oh well. gotta study harder though. exams are so close!! *WAIL* ME period after that was shit boring. stupid joteo did nothing except talk abt her shitty politics. but afternoon study after that was okay. quite productive actually. x) managed to memorise half a chapter of physics. although i had to go to the other side of the class so i wouldn't drive nat insane with my constant muttering. x) haha. ooops.

that's yesterday's blog. -hohum- i realise i write too much. i've got pieces of paper EVERYWHERE with quotes from TV shows or lyrics from random songs on the radio and i'm on my third notebook in 9 months. yeah i definitely write too much! haha. hmmm. today was pretty good though i was still tired (slept at one again. all thanks to tpg.) i'm so sleep-deprived. -sobsob- lol. ponned amaths (stupid indian woman with the forever shrieking voice reliefing mrs mah til she gets back from vancouver. haha. actually this teacher is pretty good but i just DON'T LIKE HER. lol.) with mycupcake. haha just sat in the toilet and talked lots. =) -hugsmycupcaketight- love you mynumber#1! haha. lame. hmmmm. oh then recess was funny as hell. tasha sat with us and since gen was helping me with my compo (i still hadn't finished the blasted thing) tash was trying to help. haha. and she said "You mean your commas take up one *box*?!" and "So you cannot write capital letters right?" hahhahahhahaa. goon.

phys was reliefed by tpy. and she wrote on the board "Physics test postphoned to Monday." nearly died laughing! postphoned??? hahaha. and the whole class (nearly, anyway) was eating lollies, myself included, in front of her and i don't think she even knew! *yummmmmy* thanks marie! x) afternoon study was not very productive. hardly got any studying done, except for some amaths questions. *sigh* =( i'm gonna get retained. *cries* shit man i really have to start studying now, so i might not come online all that often. *wails* no one else will ever know, the part of me that can't let go.

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