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Monday, September 29, 2003
quite a lot to write about again! haha so everyone can just skip along if you want to. this entry will probably be moderately filled with shit and entirely filled with crap. (go figure.)

anyway, had my english exam today and it went pretty well! i sound like i'm totally gloating, don't i? unfortunately, i'm not. just 'cause for the essay writing bit, i wrote about 'My Ideal Life Partner' and had to describe him. as usual, i got so carried away with my many cockroach-infested and completely-barking-mad ideas that my poor dream guy ended up being a surfer with dreadlocks, with a earring in his nose and a twinkle in his blue and green eyes. yes, the poor guy ended up with one blue eye and one green eye. (got the idea from the movie 'Practical Magic' starring Sandra Bullock) now i can only engage in fruitless hoping that joteo will be merciful (OH, HAVE MERCY ON US, MERE MORTALS! OH, HE-GODDESS OF THE RED NAILS AND BIG BOTTOM!) gives marks for entertaining stories like mine anyway. comprehension was fortunately easy, spent the last 20 minutes or so just staring out the window, watching the squirrels. (i have developed a queer habit of gazing out of the window during lessons. i suspect my classmates suspect that i have switched souls with a bird. that would, at least, explain the bout of lameness that has plagues me for some time.) unknown to most people, squirrel-watching is actually quite fascinating. intriguing, if you may. the apparent-innocence of squirrels... (when we all *casts a knowing glance around* know what they did last night...) where has innocence gone? *sighs sadly*

hmmm. so after some enjoyable time of watching squirrels and birds frolic happily in the sun (where i should be if not for these blasted exams! a curse upon all you heads, you filthy MOE!), joteo finally released us from her deadly, blood-red-nail-polished clutches and john and i went looking for something scrumptious to fill our pitiful growling tummies (after the entire world didn't want to join us. more curses upon your lice-infested heads! all of you! ) and we stumbled upon my sistaas at the bus-stop so we all went foraging for food (alliteration!) together. on the whole, it was quite entertaining! hahaha. but my two sistaas were being mad. -ponders- i would understand if john never wants to have lunch with them again, i guess. my sisters can be pretty freaky, but oh well. =) anyway. after lunch (which was a very unsatisfying beef noodles. i thought it would taste nicer! -pouts-) nat went home while the three of us went to the church opposite thomson to buy john's auntie's book. unfortunately, my goldfish-inherited memory has forgotten what it's called, but it's a gorgeous church. haha. at least better-looking than mine anyway! but the bookshop was closed (those lazy scumbags.) so chris and i bade a teary farewell to john and high-tailed to her very silent, very clean, very everything house.

her house is amazing. second time i've been there, but still. jaw-dropping amazing. i mean, if you didn't have to listen to chris' incessant whining (more like humming to me now. i've developed an immune system to it.) everyday (you know i still love you, right?) and you stepped into her palace of a house, you would never realize that she has 3 other sisters, younger than her. but enough about her house. so we idled our time away, going on the brain-damaging internet and talking to some of chris' numerous contacts. realization of the day: my sister can be quite mad. quite brainless. and yet, i love her all the more. alas, this is my love. after what seemed like mere nano-seconds, my darling sister chased me out of the house and i mournfully walked all the way out and caught the bus home.

so, today.

can you say going-to-fail-my-exams?

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