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Thursday, July 31, 2003
You should be dating an Aquarius.
20 January - 18 February
Your mate is communicative, thoughtful and caring.
Though he/she can be tactless and rude and
sometimes self-interested, he/she enjoys the
intellectual experience of sex.

What Zodiac Sign Are You Attracted To?
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hmm. right. intellectual experience of sex. RIGHT. oh and before i forgot MAT: thanks for the bag... i thought it was bigger than that actually but i think can still fit the stuff la. =) thanks!

jack and eliz on island
You are "Welcome to the Caribbean, love."
You're more than a little world-weary, but also
intelligent and you keep your head when things
get dodgy. You're everybody's favorite
drinking buddy, but your stubbornness does get
in the way sometimes.

Which one of Captain Jack Sparrow's bizarre sayings from Pirates of the Caribbean are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

stephi must like this one eh? hahaha *orlandobloom* hahaha nearly wrote *orlandobloooomers*

she smiled
at 6:43 PM

i hate pft. i hate teojingling. i hate MOE. i hate school. i hate my body. i hate my puny, no-fucking-strength arms. *sob*

today was a shit day. had 3 tests-chem chinese physics. almost all simultaneously. [is that how you spell 'simultaneously'?] anyway, physics was okay. wow... and for the first time, since the last time i passed which was in term2. guess cos i was sucha nerdified piece of shit that i went to study the tys. nerd. then after that was chinese which i should have just jumped off a building instead of taking it. it basically bombed. then chem after recess which was complete shit too since i couldnt copy off nat or tasha so ended up guessing most of it. left a whole table on copper sulphat rubbish and reactants blank because i had no idea. and didnt feel like agar-agar-ing. and my mum wants me to pass. sorry to disappoint you yet again.

then after a whole shit day in school [well not really shitty la since joteo didnt come teach us and we basically just laughed and had fucking fun for the whole 2 periods. carol has infected everyone with her dirty fanfic. hahahaa not that i'm complaining. it's fun to see yilin and qibing and candice and alyssa and roxanne all reading her stuff and to watch their reactions hhahaha so lame right.] as if my day wasn't bad enough, we had pft. 5 fucking items. and i was doing pretty okay. getting Bs and Cs and all. then came the fucking inclined pull-ups. last of all, how expected. pass EVERY FUCKING THING except the FUCKING LAST ONE. because my FUCKING WEAK FUCKING PUNY arms can't even support my body weight. i feel FUCKING FAT. and so humiliated. can't even do one stupid stupid stupid fucking pull-up. and johnnie did 25. YES, TWENTY-FUCKING-FIVE. as everyone has guessed by now, im quite thoroughly pissed off and disgusted with myself so yeah. excuse me for all my fucks.

oh and Mr Wijaya is leaving. quite nice actually and a real brain. went to rjc and ri. smart dickhead. he took chinese too even when he's indian and his chinese name is 'la mei shi' for ramesh. sweeeet. another poor victim whose chinese name matches their english one. and he stopped saying 'okay'. there were hardly any today. we all think it's cos of what i wrote in my textbook. how nice.

she smiled
at 5:59 PM

Wednesday, July 30, 2003
didn't blog yesterday cos of my mum was home. anyhow, had an amath test and a chinese one which was quite okay... hahaa i think i stand a small chance of passing my amath finally. =) so many tests coming up... tomorrow alone i have 3 tests: physics, chem, chinese. yes, chinese again. stupid shit. and chem i haven't been paying attention for the past two weeks so i had to borrow stephi's notes to photocopy and i'm reading it for the first time. *bleah* i hate chemistry. then chinese... hello?? i haven't even read any of the chapters since school started? i'm so gonna die tomorrow. plus physics which i stink at and PFT. *sobsob* i wanna quit school! oh! and Mr. Wijaya is going to fail my class for physics. cos i stayed back a short while to study chemistry with nat and abish and stephi and carol today, and francesca [from 3/8] came over and asked to borrow a physics textbook so she could ask mr wijaya some questions. i lent her mine. she came back to my class and was like 'you shouldn't have lent me your book!!!' why? because in it, on the page where she had to ask him the question, was my doodling: MR WIJAYA IS OKAY BUT HE SHOULD STOP YELLING! AND STOP SAYING OKAY!'

i nearly died.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe i forgot about that. cos today we had double period of physics and we counted [yeah, actually *counted*] the number of 'okay's he said! and guess what? he said 250 'okay's in an 63 minutes, beating 3/8's record too. [they counted and it was 2205 in 55 min] *omg*... and he was like 'very funny huh' to francesca. FUCK. if he saw my name i'm dead for physics. *wail* and it's so unfair cos i'm studying really hard! honest. i've turned into a nerd for the day. hahaaha... i actually studied on the bus on the way home. how nerdified is that? and sucha big change from my usual slacking self. haha hope my mum doesn't get a heart attack! *choy* but really, i should study harder. and work harder and revise more and blahblahblah. why? because. my mum [read: insane, uptight, shool-minded and psychotic woman who gave birth to me] gave me a deadline: 2 B3s and the rest A1s or A2s for end-of-the-year exams or i'm banned from going out [and prob from the com too] for the whole of next year. she's NUTS. her stupid goals mean that i have to improve 7 subjects out of which i have to past 3 first. x( i hate school.

wish me luck for my tests tomorrow. pray i pass. pray mr wijaya doesn't know my name. pray i can disappear... ='(

she smiled
at 4:38 PM

Monday, July 28, 2003
*yummy* eating oreos and brownies now. for dinner. hahaa just cos my mum is lazy to cook! hahaa x) anyway, today quite alotta things happened. like i went to my very first, and very last, morning exercise. and now i shall tell everyone that it's the most brainless thing that teojingling could have come up with. run rounds then go do weight-training? and your point is...? so stupid. got all hot and sweaty and disgusting. *gross* then. tjl didnt take us for pe so we played rugby by ourselves! hahaha actually it's not sucha bad game 'cept that you have to keep running after that stupid ball and since it's in a [quite] muddy field i took off my shoes so my poor feet had to suffer the stupid bugs. x( yucks. then had to go for stupid chem which was right after pe, which meant i was just wearing my shoes and no socks and pe attire. hahaha felt so weird. stupid shitty wong thien scolded us for being so skimpily dressed [just cos she can't wear a pe attire?] and for being so talkative. like hello? at least we have *lives* and not give you blind and senseless obedience. *rolls eyes* stupid teachers.

after that, we went to bathe. we being shireen and jieying and me. it's horrible to bathe in the toilet when you have to squat on the toilet seat, but i felt so sticky and dirty i made an exception hahaa yucks. and thanks alyssa for lending me ur towel! haha i'll try to remember to bring my own next time. =) anyway, after recess i came back to find a big big BIG note on the board just for me: vanessa ann vanderstraaten please go find how xian wei when you have the time. i thought what big thing came up until they must make it sound so serious and in the end all that xian wei wanted was for me to write her speech. for the house elections. she's not even in the same house as me but... i was nice. hahahaa x) so lame. but feel so honoured cos the other time ubrina and bonnie [go bonnie! hope you win the election thingy!=)] asked natalie to help them write speeches and nat's sucha talented writer so yeah. feel so flattered. =) hahaa stoopss. =P and the house elections shit was boring too... didnt do much 'cept sit arnd and listen to speeches... so boring. anyway hope you win bonnie! and chang xi and carol and ratina and elsa.... hahaa i dont really care who wins. *sheepish* x)

she smiled
at 7:47 PM

Sunday, July 27, 2003
Your thoughts resemble: A sunny field of colorful
flowers. You just radiate friendly cuteness.
You are just adored by your family and friends
for your kind, subtle personality. You usually
get along with everyone and you couldn't live
without your cute pet puppy.

What do your thoughts resemble?
brought to you by Quizilla

hmm. i dont have a puppy. and i'm not kind or subtle by any means. and i'm not *cute*. but, alas, never let it be said that i do not answer quizilla questions truthfully. x) oh and guess what ubrina just told me!! she said *someone* wore a tube yesterday to the marche outing... errr... i have now gone to a very bad mental place and it's entirely ubrina's fault! hahaha oh and happy birthday to van chan! dont know if you'll see thisd but what the heck. x)

she smiled
at 4:30 PM

wheeeeee... it's a lazy lazy loony sunday! haha i'm so nuts right now. oh and erika has joined the punk club! whoopee! she's know officially known as "johnnie turquoise". i knighted her a few minutes ago. and now she probably thinks we're nuts hahahaha... anyway. i'm so bored... and freaked out too, cos my mum was totally nice to me today (so far, anyway) and yesterday she was chewing my head off for every small thing i did! what's wrong with her man... damn scary sometimes cos she's so unpredictable! hmm... still talking to erika, who can't stop singing. hhahaa...so cute! ahahaha didja hear me johnnie??? *shouts* i said you're cute! hmm. anyway, i guess i should go rinse out my eyeballs now. hahaahaaa laters.

note for stephi: sweetie i hope you stop feeling so sad and depressed yeah? everything's gonna be alright yeah...? love you dear! *smucks* oh and yesterday you looked so cute! x)

she smiled
at 3:17 PM

Saturday, July 26, 2003
finally back from my exhausting and tiring day. =) in the morning, we had our 2.4km run and our class was under this damn annoying teacher who treated us like five-year-olds. just our luck. and i was in the second batch that ran and that was totally nerve-wrecking cos the first half that ran were all so fast and lulu was like zooming past every time i looked up. she managed to do an 11! and i did a shitty 15min one. ah well. quite proud of myself actually, considering that i havent ran for like 3 months or sth? whatever la =) lulu!! how could you run so fast! make us all look bad! hahahaa *lame* x

after that, had to rush off home to shower and wait for my dad to come pick me and my bro up! =) so fun man... went to my auntie's hse and i think she's really the epitome of 'animal-lover'!! she has 9 cats [YES NINE!] not including the strays that drop by her hse everyday for free food. plus 2 dogs [jewel and...sth? can't remember the name] who are now completely in love with me after trying to drown my slippers in drool. =) i think i've gotten rid of my slight fear of dogs... dont really mind them so much now. just as long as they dont jump me hahaha *coward* anyway, jewel was all over me. ahaha and my auntie said it found a new owner! hahaha me owning a dog that drooled all over my jeans? err... hahaha but she was cute. and there was one cat, jimbob, that was so so so so fat it was just wobbling around the hse... so cute! and one, fairy, that's just so sweet and affectionate. nearly fell asleep in my arms. how sweet!

anyway, went to pick up gillian and meimei [oops, melanie. just my habit of calling her meimei] and went to marine parade [i think?] for lunch... then got bored of wandering around and went back to her hse to play with duchess, her HUGE labrador who's tail is so thick and she wags it so hard, it actually *hurts* when it hits you. like a giant whip. hahaa... and below is the silly blog she made me blog. *throws hands up* cousins! hahaa but you know i love you jilL! -hugs-

after that went to cat class where i nearly dozed off because i was just so exhausted. then back home for a change of clothes and dinner and then mum sent me to school for poetry night! went with tasha and chris and it was just so fun! hahaa saw shireen, who was dressed as a boy and kept saying 'Velcum to Vaxing Lyvical. Would you like vax vy legs?" and stephi who looked so cute in her 'waitress' outfit! x) hahahaa sooo cute! and i think LD did a really good job, what with all the sari things and candles and stuff... and now i'm back at hme. about to fall asleep at the com.

anyway, i don't feel so good. as in, not the kind of sickness or anything... just a innate feeling that something terrible is about to happen or has already happened to someone i love. i've had this feelings before and it's never anything good... *wrings hands nervously* everyone please PLEASE take care of yourself alright? i love each and every one of you and i really really hope that my instinct is really wrong.

she smiled
at 11:25 PM

hey all! im at my cuzzie's gillian's house and she's forcing me to blog and tell the world that im at her house! *crazy* okay guest blogger for the day, gill, wud like to say sth: HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO U LITTLE SHENANIGANS!!!!!! BE AFRAID!!! BE VERY AFRAID!!!!!! BUAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!! PEACE YALL!!!

okay i guess everyone can tell my cousin is, undoubtedly, nuts. heheeeee but i love her anwyay. okay guest blogger number 2: [justin] --silence-- cold blanket. he refuses to blog. sheesh! gill-the-fish is nuts and a big ghhondu! hahahaa x) haha anyway gtg now b4 im late for cat class. she stays at eating talking terrace and my church is abt 327895750879 km away. ciaoz!x)

she smiled
at 2:55 PM

Friday, July 25, 2003
just had a very yummy dinner of maggi noodles! *burp* haha anyway, had tuition a while ago... boring as hell emath. =P oh anyway, let me tell you about my day. like you're so interested *rolls eyes* hahaha anyway. we had a chemistry prac this morning, doing stupid titration. i think practical work is so much more interesting than just sitting in class listening [well, in my case, *not*, but still.] to mrs wong get so excited about her chemical equations. but titration was horrible. i think nat was the only one at our bench who actually knew what was going on. hahaha x) since i couldnt even tell the alkali from the acid. *sheepish* oh! and i have to thank jolyn cos she got me this darling windchime and a 'metoyou' pen! been needing a pen haha =) so yeah, thanks dear! -hugs- my ex-tuition teacher came today and gave me a hang ten top too! *cheer* hang ten rocks! *hees*

the rest of my day was really boring la... not much to do except stone since most of the class had gone to watch the netball finals or for the SYF central judging and stuff like that... so boring k. oh! i forgot to mention the funny quotes that stephi, nat and tasha come up with in class! they're hilarious sometimes so i shall now bore everyone with them *evil*:

mrs wong: [hands on hips] *asking as if the answer is obvious* Do you wait for the exams to study?!
tasha and me: [both falling asleep] *monotonously and silmultaneously* Yar...?

teo jing ling: ass-u-m-ptions, *as if she's talking to 5-year-olds* make an ASS out of YOU and ME. [probably thinks she's damn cool cos she says the word 'ass'. psh.]

stephi:*reading from my notebook "teo jing ling can go fuck herself"* teo jing ling can go fuck her elf?

mrs wong: only true artists cannot analyse. like the musicians and poetry writers and the artists like Vincent Van Gogh. they live in Fairyland...their own little world.
*some time later*
me: looK! [cos all the stuffed dolphins we have on our pencil cases were balanced on my pencil case] they're all on the raft to Fairyland!
stephi: *scornfully* yeah, just cos they can't analyse.

carol: *after watching national geographic* the elephant's dick was so -wooh!- *makes dramatic hand gestures* then we were wondering, 'How come the elephant has an extra leg?

hahaha not very funny right? but i dont know...i have a weird sense of humour then. *grin* anyway, tomorrow there's stupid stupid stupid 2.4KM RUN!!! *gasps and faints* diediedie... havent run for how long already and i just got my period. what great timing. *exasperated* oh but at least i can go out with my dad tmr! yippee!! *cheer* and im going for poetry night tmr night at my school too! so fun! hahaha and next week i have like 5 common tests. am i dead or what?

//even if the world was coming to an end tomorrow, i'd still plant my apple tree.//

she smiled
at 7:24 PM

Thursday, July 24, 2003
okay does the tag-board work? geeez. anyway, this note is for my darling andrea:

dearie!! i missssss youuuu soooooo much!! you're still my best friend even though it's been what? 9 years? you mean the world to me and it's just so sad that you're not here with me.... missing you *loadds* sweetie... yeps, i'm definitely looking forward to going out with you in the hols yeah? well, no matter when i see you again, know that i really love you and will never ever ever ever ever ever stop! love you sweeetie!

/ / you smiled / /
Sometimes you feel you want to cry
And life seems such a trial...
But above the clouds there's a bright blue sky
To make your tears a smile.

As you travel along life's way
With its many ups and downs,
Remember that it's true to say
One smile is worth a dozen frowns!

Happiness comes at times to all,
But sadness comes unbidden...
And sometimes a few tears must fall
Among the laughter hidden.

So when your friends are feeling down
And troubles round them piled...
The world will seem a better place
And all because you smiled.

she smiled
at 9:00 PM

*whew* changed the layout! yay! hope i can see it though. =)

she smiled
at 6:17 PM

*shouts at the top of my lungs* it's my birthday!!

kelly, tricia, mat, tricia, inka, val, bonnie: hey you! thanks so much for the lovely presents today... i love the earrings hahaha reminds me a little of jo teo's outrageous earrings on a smaller scale *grin* and mat, tricia, i love the spag top! =) thanks a lot... makes me feel so special hahha *retard*
nat aka slash bitch : what can i say?! thanks you darling person! omg i can't believe you really wrote a story just for me! haha you know i can't stop reading it! *winkwinknudgenudge* hahaha so sweet of you, thanks dear! *hugsyoutightly*
chris aka brat: sweeeeetie! thanks for the glittery/sparkly stars! they're so pretty! hahaa mine lasted til i got home. then i took a shower and it fell off. hahaha thanks dearie... you didn't have to, but it's so sweet of you! thanks!!!! *smucks*
sheryl and hyeh yun: hey you two! eh sheryl always giving me stuff toys ah! hahaha but the pig was so cute!! gonna name it...... *drum-roll* PIGGIE!!! hahaha lame. anyway, thanks!
abish aka sweet: *omg* thanks for making the brownies for me! so sweeeeeet of you! no wonder they call you 'sweet bitch' hahaha... they were so yummmmy! *rubs belly*
ubrina: heyhey! thanks for the notebook haha it's very pink! but i love the little doll thing on the front =)

there! anyway, back to reality. today was quite okay...turns out mr wijaya is taking us for physics until mr tan comes back from his stupid reservice. i think mr tan is quite a good teacher haha even if he's forever being so lame and ghoondu-ish. *grin* hmmm... anyway, when i was on my home today, it started raining, and i was half-running, half-walking in the rain because i didnt want my stuff to get wet. but because i was holding abish's brownies i was getting drenched. then, one of my neighbours who used to be from my school, came up behind me and said "Hi! Wana share my umbrella?" *omg* so nice of her! hmmm... maybe this is God's answer to my wish of having a nice neghbour to make me soup. hahaa maybe... but i think it's one of the nicest things anyone can do, to just go up to a stranger and offer to share your umbrella.

//These days - the stars seem out of reach . But these days - there ain't a ladder on these streets . These days are fast, love don't lasts-in this graceless age. Even innocence has caught the morning train . And there ain't nobody left but us these days...//

she smiled
at 5:05 PM

Wednesday, July 23, 2003
just got back from swensen's...my mum took my bro and i out to dinner as a birthday celebration! so happy...hahaha cos tmr she wont be around to celebrate and all. ah well. anyway, today nat, tasha, chris and lulu gave me my bday prez! hahaa cos chris kept saying [while sending me away to the toilet so that she could talk abt it with nat] that if she kept holding on to it she might just keep it for herself! hahahaa cute. anyway, it was this black tube *gasp* with a white net vest to go with it! omg so revealing! and right now, im wearing this white men's shirt which is totally the opposite of that hahaha... but thanks so much you 4! really appreciate it!

anyway, it was mr vinesh's last day today! hahaha and im pretty sure he knows that we [shireen, tasha and me] think he's hot. hahhaa he was like smiling to himself and all..especially since tasha and shireen [they have the hots for him more than i do] were squealing away! hahaha so cuteee! oh but there's this other teacher now [all of a sudden we have so many new male teachers] mr wijaya or whatever. so annoying!!!! and he gave us a lit test today. no, invigilated. not gave. it was horrible! didnt have *ANYTHING* to write and yeah. that bombed. =(

hmm... dont know why but this year i'm so content with everything. haha like im not making a wishlist of things that i want, and ordering my friends to go and buy them for me hahha.. so funny. i think the only things i want for my birthday this year is:
1. To see my Dad more often... i only get to see him once a month, as in going out for a day and all that, and i really miss him so i would love to see him more often.
2. That my brother scores well for his PSLE and me for my O-Levels.
3. That my mum lets me out of the house more often. i hate being cooped up everyday... there are those people who get to go out at night to pubs and all that and i know i shouldnt compare cos i'm not them and all...but i would really *really* like to be able to go out a few times a month?

yeah. thats my pathetic wishlist. happy advanced birthday vanessa.

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at 10:01 PM


she smiled
at 3:51 PM

Tuesday, July 22, 2003
it's 11.15 now and i've never been online so late before! hahaa but i'm blogging at my new blogspot diary [hopefully, if it shows up at all.] anyway, had amath tuition just now, and i had this most scary experience ever! i had to pee during class and so i went to the toilet but it was being washed so i decided to go to the downstairs one. at that time, i didnt know there *wasn't* a downstairs toilet. so i took the stairwell down, adn you know the stairwell's doors and all are like really hard to push and stuff. so i opened it and walked down a flight of stairs expecting to see a door at the bottom. but there wasn't a door! i freaked. hahaha i ran back up, and tried to push open the door so i could get back to tuition class. but the door had *locked*. like it locked itself behind me. omg super freaky k. and i totally panicked. haaha i ran the whole way downstairs and ended up at the arcade [i go for tuition at junction8, see.] then i had to take the lift the whole way down, and take the lift back up to my tuition centre. that was the most freakifying thing that ive ever been through! hahaa it may not seem like sucha big deal, but when i get lost, i panic like mad. haha =)

anyway, i heard 'Where Is The Love?' just now, and i became so sad... dont know whats wrong with me today...like in class, i read this poem that carol has in her book about a child and all, and it was super sad, and i teared k...as in like really, on-the-verge-of-crying kind of teared. man, and i didnt even feel sad when i watched 'Titanic'. *slaps self* whats wrong with me! so emotional... oh and i forgot to say, that our dearest rich bitch tasha, has found the love of her life. Mr Vinesh. hahahaahahaha she went totally ga-ga over him today. squealing like a twelve-year-old. hahaha it was cutee... =) hmmm..i really like this blogger. it's more fun and creative than upsaid. =D happy... *cheeeeesy grin*

she smiled
at 11:36 PM

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